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** EXCLUSIVE**Pimp C – True Story (Jeezy & Young Buck Diss)

September 30, 2007

If you are reading this and don’t really know why Pimp C is dissing these two dudes, I’ll lend a hand and explain to you the history.

This all started when Pimp C had something to say about Young Jeezy and his ways in the streets and how some certain things Jeezy was saying didn’t sound right about some of the G-code of the streets.

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This all was aired out first in an article in OZONE Magazine and then it went to an interview with the Dirty Boys on Atlanta radio on WHTA Hot 107.9. Things were said in this interview about a few Atlanta rappers (ie. Jeezy) But Pimp C never expressed it literally. He stated that these rappers need to stop quoting this 17.5 and they don’t know what they are talking about. And if you know, Jeezy calls himself Mr. 17.5….among other monikure’s.

Now in an Exclusive, Jeezy finally discussed his concern with the ranting but never really disses Pimp C because He feels the streets knows him and he has much love for Bun B and the rest of the world.

Jeezy goes on to express the mere fact that when Pimp C was in jail something changed on the streets and there is no beef between the two but Pimp C needs to know that Jeezy is a real dude.

The truth of the matter is Jeezy has a lot to lose and he is not trying to prove anything to anyone.

On Saturday September 29, Jeezy expresses his discomfort again on GANGSTA GRILLZ RADIO-with DJ Drama of the Aphilliates on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, that he has nothing against Pimp C. DJ Drama talks about this song that you all are about to hear and Jeezy says, he is not worried about this situation because no one has said his (Jeezy) name and he is not going to worry about it . Too many people know I’m real-Including you Drama. “Drama you knew me since day 1.”

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