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January 12, 2008


Usher has had a tremendous year with the birth of his new baby but what is in store for USHER these days? When are we going to hear some new music from the boy? You have got to wait and see but my sources tell me that USHER is working on an album right now. Can you remember how you felt when you popped that new USHER confession in the CD player, ….. WOW [classic] ! The boy did his thing on that one.

Might I add the CONFESSION ALBUM sold more than 9-million copies. So where’s the follow-up? HERE IT COMES- Well, it’s underway, apparently. Jermaine Dupri has produced one new track called “The Realest” – which was being tipped as the record’s first single. T-Pain has also weighed in as a producer, and a track called “Dat Girl Right There” – which features Ludacris – leaked onto the internet last month. No album release date yet, but Dupri claims his pal Usher wants to get it out there – “He’s got that itch,” Jermaine says.


October 3, 2007

We not into the gossip here at, we like to make sure you know about new hot information in the entertainment industry. We had to put this interview out there because it is funny as hell. I have never really seen USHER get this rattled in an interview.

The conversation is with Miss Jones of Hot 97 in New York. Check it out… You will enjoy. More coming soon !

Listen to Interview Here

Usher Calls Off Wedding ***EXCLUSIVE***

July 29, 2007

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YES! Today marks a new beginning for Mr Usher Raymond. ReadersI understand this is not HIP HOP but this is about the movement.
Usher has reportedly called off the wedding with Tameka Foster , long time girl friend. They have a child together[the child is on the way-there will be no abortion at this point] and we don’t even know if they are still engaged. They were supposed to get married at LA Reid’s mansion in the Hamptons.
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Foster a stylist has been getting major media attention because of her recent allegations of welfare fraud and boosting clothes from stores. [Stealing clothes and selling them for the low]

A statement released by Usher’s publicist, Patti Webster, reads, “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

This all seems to be a publicity stunt to have the media off of his back. I know Usher mom is excited about this whole ordeal. We shall see how this plays out. Emails us and tell us what you think.

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We here at [] don’t get into gossip , but Usher you a great dude[NO HOMO] but you have to grow up and be a man and if you want Tameka marry her don’t let the world influence you dude. Some say that the marriage was ending because he found estrogen pills in her luggage. We all don’t know the real but credible sources revealed that this was off indefinitely

Now that Usher and Kanye have called off their nuptials, it seems to look like there will be a bowling ball effect to this.

The official statement was put out and I want you all to read this:

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The scene for deception was set at a “getting to know the in-laws” dinner in Tameka’s hometown of Oakland, Calif., on July 7 as the couple finalized plans for a July 28 wedding.

Valencia, 49, explained that Usher led a prayer before dinner, then turned to her and said: “’You know all the family secrets- tell me about them.’ Before I could say a word, Tameka kicked me so hard under the table she almost put a hole in my leg,” Valencia said.

“Then she pulled me aside and whispered: ‘Don’t tell him anything.’”
Source [above quote]: C&D


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