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Shocking story of Half Man Half Tree

January 29, 2008

Yung Joc says… "I aint no SNITCH"…….

January 9, 2008

As we sit and search website to website , we get a chance to see what other journalist and bloggers do on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on bringing you exclusive material and HOT new relevant information of the masses.

We stopped by SOHH and got a chance to hear Yung Joc’s side about Clifford T.I.P Harris and Block Entertainment being a “snitch” in this recent case.

Understand readers that this is deeper then just this music; this is people’s career and their livelihood on the line. We try to make sure we go through this information with a fine tooth comb.

Listen to how JOC put it down !!!

***Exclusive ***Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Making it Rain on them…….

January 6, 2008

Steve Harvey is in some deep sh*t and besides that; he is broke. We have inside information from a reliable source that it was nothing but sheer mayhem in the courtroom.

Steve’s ex-wife- Mary Lee Harvey- took him to the cleaners. Few months prior to this story, Mary filed a suit on Steve because she feels she was wrongly misrepresented because she never knew that she couldn’t have separate counsel in the divorce proceedings. (What a dumb ass excuse, its called “RESEARCH” Mary !)

Mary Harvey claims that one of the reasons her former husband pressured her to use Anderson as her attorney was to settle the divorce quickly and quietly in order to protect Steve Harvey’s public image. She accuses the performer of trying to cover up his adultery, his poor and neglectful parenting, “and physical and mental abuse of” Mary Harvey.

See more details of the suit here

WHAT ARE THE DETAILS OF THE 10 Million Dollar Suit

Just a few days ago Steve’s ex-wife went out and bought 4-5 cars (Denali,Phantom etc.) Ran up his American Express Card to $150,000! Creditors have been calling Mr. Harvey and he has been avoiding them because he is broke and all of his assets are seized. Steve’s publishing company employees couldn’t get paid for an entire month because of all this going on with Steve not having any money. You would never know if you listen to his morning show because he act like his life isn’t falling apart.

Sources tell us that his Attorney sounded like she came fresh off a cotton field, in how she spoke down to her attire.
In the court room it was a mess, Steve’s attorney was acting as if she received he Law License from a ‘Cracker Jack Box’, because in the court room the Attorney would call objection and then tell the judge, “I forgot what I was abjection too.” It looks like Steve’s in trouble; NO LAWYER,NO MONEY….. What’s going on dude? Is the Kings of Comedy becoming his own worst enemy?

Celeb’s on the Radar

December 20, 2007

Angela & Vanessa Simmons were caught out feeding their face at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 19, 2007.
Along with many more …. take a look :
Penny Marshall and Spike Lee (Die Hard Knicks fans)
Jay-z cant keep his eyes to himself!

New Movie Spotlight: Dirty Laundry-This ain’t Soul Food and we ain’t The Cosby’s”

December 18, 2007

DIRTY LAUNDRY is a modern-day prodigal son story with a twist. It follows Patrick, a magazine writer, who seems to have the “perfect life,” until one day, there is a knock at the door. On the other side stands a secret that brings him face to face with the traditional southern family he hasn’t seen in over 10 years.

This ain’t Soul Food and we ain’t The Cosby’s” The new movie Dirty laundry may actually be a good movie. Some time black films do not get that big budget it needs. This is truly a DVD movie that you can watch over and over again!

Clispe launch a new clothing line…..

December 17, 2007

The Clipse has joined other artist like Jay-Z with Rocawear and Nelly with Apple Bottoms, and my boy Dallas Austin with creating their own clothing line called Play Cloths. Pusha T and Malice, have teamed up with designer Doug Life to develop a signature line of denim jeans, jackets, hoodies, and others. Be on the lookout for a fashionable line. Play Cloths will be featured at the annual MAGIC Trade Show Expo in February, hosted in Las Vegas. Pusha T and Malice are also working on their third album,that will drop in the summer of next year. No official site was found but you can hit up

Check out more here !

Ciara & Rihanna has beef on the UK tour???

December 15, 2007

The news is in….Ciara is said to be keeping her distance from Rihanna on the ongoing UK tour. Rihanna has been sick on the tour and has missed alittle over 2 dates. RIhanna has been sick with a cold and Ciara has not been around her the entire time. “I have not had a chance to even hang out with her,says Ciara.”

Pimp C’s Death is under Investigation

December 6, 2007

In the state of this terrible lost, Pimp C’s- (Chad Butler) mom has interviewed about some of the specifics. An investigation has started over Pimp C’s death !

Pimp C mom, says” that she is happy to see how the industry loved him and she is happy to say that Chad had an opportunity to show what a ‘nut’ he was.”?

View the candid interview by TMZ with Pimp C mom !

Tameka Foster says the world wants Usher to be with a Mixed girl…..

December 4, 2007

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We will not begin with the name calling of Temeka Foster but in this photo at a recent party , it shows how Foster is taking over lil USHER.

The real story is Foster recently spoke with Essence Magazine about some real issues she have with black women.


Foster says:

We (black women) don’t like ourselves. If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he’d have the sexiest wife alive.

“But he has a black girl, and it’s like, ‘She’s horrible and she’s ugly!’ “OK, maybe I don’t fit the cookie-cutter standard – 25 and a size two – but this is who he loves.”

Akon Charged in Fan Tossing Incident

November 30, 2007

Akon is getting criminal charges after a fan said she suffered a concussion in an incident involving him throwing a fan off of the stage at a concert in Fishkill, NY.

Akon is due in a Fishkill courtroom Monday to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment, the Associated Press reports.