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T.I. Holiday Christmas announcement….

December 28, 2007

T.I. says he is doing great .. he will beat this case….

November 13, 2007

The dude has found his way to the fans and I have to say that has the exclusive. If no one has got the [new-new] its street cred, based in the atl.

T.I. or is it T.I.P has recorded a video message for his fans….. its one to see… check it out!!

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Everyone is worried about that the courts is going to say but what can they say. He actually should have done this for thanksgiving dinner since they denied him ability to bring his family over.


Because the courts said it would take too long to do a background check on all of the 90 family members.

Stay up BIG HOMIE !

T.I. Grace the cover of COMPLEX MAGAZINE !!!

October 24, 2007

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Here are some excerpts from his interview in the November issue of Complex Magazine:

Given the strong “stop snitching” credo within hip-hop, what did you think of his [Frank Lucas] cooperating with authorities to shorten his 70-year prison term?
His situation was unique because he didn’t tell on no drug dealers or other criminals. He got his standards shortened by telling on crooked cops.
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Is there a character in American Gangster you would parallel to your days in the trap?
I can’t even compare myself back in that day simply because it was a whole other day and age. When I was doin’ it, it was chaos. Real talk, it was easier then, too. Not taking nothing away from them ’cause they started it, but the police wasn’t hip to everything. By the time I started hustling, the police had cameras, the Internet, and forensics. [Back then] you could kill a ***** at six o’clock in the morning on his doorstep and long as nobody seen you, you good. Now you got cameras on street lights. I feel like if I was a hustler back then, I’d have a way better shot at it. People actually respected the game. Whereas when I was a hustler, a ***** would do anything for a dollar. Period.
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Have you seen [Ludacris’s manager] Chaka Zulu since you had an altercation with him back in June?
I’ve seen him, but I didn’t speak to him. That situation was whatever. If you come out your face and say something, then you can expect me to go off. You should watch your mouth. I think my manager spoke to him. I got a great life and wonderful children, and I do intend to be here to guide them for the rest of their lives, and that’s what’s most important to me. Maybe when I was 18 or 19 runnin’ the streets and shootin’ pistols, but I’m not gonna blow that for one of these cats who don’t happen to live by the same principles as me.
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You’re the only rapper to drop platinum albums the last two years. How can you say you don’t fit in?
When I saw Tupac talking that “Thug Life” shit, getting locked up for shooting police, and getting shot and living, that’s when I was like, Damn, them ****** is really about that shit. Now you’re just let down. This ain’t this guy that he was on this record. And nobody seems to have a problem with it. It’s a lot of fake shit in it. I like to consider myself an intelligent person, and this shit is not something of intelligence anymore. It’s getting real young and stupid, and that ain’t me.
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Watch the T.I. Video Shoot here

T.I. Denied Bail…..$2.2 MiLL in CASH for Bail….OUTRAGEOUS

October 19, 2007

After all of the news reports, internet blogging rumors and hip hop online ezines, the T.I. story has been the talk of the entertainment industry-with respects to Brittany Spears.

Time has come now that T.I. – I mean T.I.P will have to wait until next week so that the judge can look at all of the information that is being presented to him. Believe it or not , the Judge took alot of time praising T.I. inside the whole court precedings.

Today in Atlanta the judge considered T.I. for release on bail for an outrageous $2.2 Mill amount. With other stipulations including…

**24 Hour Monitor (House Arrest)
**$2.2 Mill in CASH..Yes COLD HARD CASH (IN FULL)
**Mother must turn over any properties in her name.

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**An important note is that needs to be pointed out that the executive of T.I.’s record label is behind him.**

**Executive of Warner Music Group (T.I’s parent Label) offered to put up $1 Mill of the money on the spot -inside the courtroom.


***If convicted, sources say HE WILL DO TIME !!!! ******
Outside the courtroom supporters, family members and even Atlanta Socialites were in attendance to support T.I. minutes before his verdict. Sources tell us that it is going to be hard to even try T.I. in this case because he is from here and he has so many fans and supporters. Jury selection will be tough for the district attorney.

If you don’t recall , T.I.P was arrested Saturday minutes before the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards from the ATF on weapon charges. Machine Guns & Silencers were some of the guns T.I.P was trying to allegedly buy. Mind you , T.I.P is a convicted felony so what this means to people that do not know the laws of the land-when you’re a felon you are not to posses any firearms.

*****If you remember how serious T.I. ways on the Ashton Kucther show “PUNK” a few years ago, T.I. was livid when he thought he was getting illegally searched. *****

We are bringing it to you again as an exclusive that T.I.P will have to wait until next week to get a final say as to his bail .


T.I. or I mean T.I.P is in deep SHIT ! ……Gunning for BAIL !

October 19, 2007

T.I. as you know through the staff you have been receiving up to the minute news about this unfortunate news for T.I. allegedly attempting to buy fire arms while on probation from a previous felony conviction. The media needs to stop making this young man out to be a villain but as we all know he is not a saint.

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A lot of us love T.I.’s music so we can get cloudy with our judgement but rest assured we do believe that T.I. deserves what he gets through the legal system. Some of you are just too uppity and arrogant to realize that you are not perfect either-passing judgment on the boy.

Today we will see if T.I. will be out of Jail or if he will be on house arrest or in fact sitting in a jail cell.
More on the official Arraignment !

News Update : Department Of Justice Press Release On T.I. Arrest

October 14, 2007

United States Attorney David E. Nahmias
Northern District of Georgia

Clifford Harris aka T.I. arrested on federal firearms charges

Arrest Comes cfter Harris, a convicted felon, accepted delivery of machine guns and silencers; Additional guns found in Harris’ vehicle and house

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Atlanta, GA CLIFFORD HARRIS, 27, an entertainer also known as “T.I.,” of College Park, Georgia, was arrested in Atlanta at approximately 2:30 p.m. today by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), as he allegedly took possession of three machine guns and two silencers. Three other firearms were found in the vehicle HARRIS was driving. ATF also executed a federal search warrant at HARRIS’ house at 4XX Creekview Lane in College Park, finding six additional firearms in his bedroom closet.

Read More @
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T.I. Arrested before 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards

October 14, 2007

More troubles for the man that openly says he runs Atlanta and the self-proclaimed “King of the South” !

“The tables have turned –DARKNESS” [that was my Dave Chapelle reference]-T.I. has been allegedly been arrested for violating his parole. A huge scandal has been suspected that Clifford “T.I.” Harris has been running an underground gun ring. ***THIS IS A CLASSIC CASE OF-WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG.

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We don’t know how credible this is, we are on the scene now looking and calling for more information on this topic. As the Atlanta scene is swirling with rumors of what happen, bloggers like sohh gyant and myself are bewildered wt what has taken place.

As our office phones were blowing up , we finally seen a report distributed . No official statement has been putout. Several Grand Hustle crew members were apprehended in this episode.

Sources say that T.I. performance was not cutt out and they still performed his song with out him…. [WTF] lets go BET lets do better!

Check back for more details

Video Premiere: T.I., ‘Hurt’

October 7, 2007

If you recently seen the BET special “Hip Hop vs. America” T.I. said what would happen if he changed his style with videos. Well, T.I. has answered that question in a superb fashion.

Check out the new video and enjoy. You know how we do…..We in theeezzz streetz !

T.I. first week Sales

July 12, 2007

Yea, Yea, Yea I knoe you sick of T.I but you got to respect the man … He get the job done man. He did some impressive numbers this week…. Over 460,000 his first week out the gate.
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WIth the new movie coming out with Denzel Washington, the boy gettin money.