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::Swizz Beatz Interview Part 1/3:: Album in Stores

September 5, 2007

The street buzz iz out and the man of the hour is Swizz Beatz. We had a chance to talk to my peoples over at ONSMASH to have us highlight one of the industries most sought after producers.

Swizz Beatz, I have to say has built his brand from nothing to something. I even hear girls some times saying “that sound like a Swizz Beatz beat”. This is when you know you have arrived. Check out the interview with Swizz, as he talks about how he has to keep his brand the best it can be.

He feels he’s a “VET” in the game and it is certain things he doesnt have to do anymore.

Swizz kind of threw me for a loop when he says he is not a rapper he is a producer, and all I can say to that is, “Why would you put out and album if your not a rapper?” Come on DUDE! I fuck with you -NO HOMO, but you have to understand if the label under shipped your album it is because it probably was a good feeling you were not going to sell. You are a “Brand” not a “Rapper”

I respect you Swizz, but leave the rapping alone right now!

Wait until you get in the “Rapper frame of mind,” and not the “Entertainer frame of mind.”