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Steve Harvey Gets "50 & Fly"…check out the mans swag !

January 20, 2008

Who said you can’t be “50 & Fly”, Steve Harvey says ‘OK, I got to do something to stop this line of thinking,” Harvey told Jet. “Because at 50, I should not be thought of as over the hill. At 50, a man ought to feel that he is on top of the hill. At 50, you are still fly.'”

Cutting his hair was a symbolic move to symbolize a fresh new beginning after turning 51 on Thursday.

Check out Steve in the next JET Magazine.

***Exclusive ***Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Making it Rain on them…….

January 6, 2008

Steve Harvey is in some deep sh*t and besides that; he is broke. We have inside information from a reliable source that it was nothing but sheer mayhem in the courtroom.

Steve’s ex-wife- Mary Lee Harvey- took him to the cleaners. Few months prior to this story, Mary filed a suit on Steve because she feels she was wrongly misrepresented because she never knew that she couldn’t have separate counsel in the divorce proceedings. (What a dumb ass excuse, its called “RESEARCH” Mary !)

Mary Harvey claims that one of the reasons her former husband pressured her to use Anderson as her attorney was to settle the divorce quickly and quietly in order to protect Steve Harvey’s public image. She accuses the performer of trying to cover up his adultery, his poor and neglectful parenting, “and physical and mental abuse of” Mary Harvey.

See more details of the suit here

WHAT ARE THE DETAILS OF THE 10 Million Dollar Suit

Just a few days ago Steve’s ex-wife went out and bought 4-5 cars (Denali,Phantom etc.) Ran up his American Express Card to $150,000! Creditors have been calling Mr. Harvey and he has been avoiding them because he is broke and all of his assets are seized. Steve’s publishing company employees couldn’t get paid for an entire month because of all this going on with Steve not having any money. You would never know if you listen to his morning show because he act like his life isn’t falling apart.

Sources tell us that his Attorney sounded like she came fresh off a cotton field, in how she spoke down to her attire.
In the court room it was a mess, Steve’s attorney was acting as if she received he Law License from a ‘Cracker Jack Box’, because in the court room the Attorney would call objection and then tell the judge, “I forgot what I was abjection too.” It looks like Steve’s in trouble; NO LAWYER,NO MONEY….. What’s going on dude? Is the Kings of Comedy becoming his own worst enemy?