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Saigon Interview……

November 30, 2007

Saigon talks about alot…. he points out how rappers Mobb Deep are truly fakers in the rap game!

Saigon Attacks Journalist

November 19, 2007

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Saigon Gets Real ..Listen here!

It has finally happen, bloggers and journalist that insist on thinking they are BRICK [tough] will maybe watch what they say to some of the people they interview from now on.

Radio/Journalist of was attacked by rapper SAIGON on Satellite radio show ‘LIP SERVICE’. Now Saigon was wrong for what he was talking to the lady but I know rapper get mad at corny journalist for trying to be cool and stir up trouble in the media.

There are some bloggers out there [They know who they are] better watch out for some of these rapper or rappers home boys because some of these guys have nothing to loose.

We don’t pump Kool-aid in our heart so what we say is what we say , but you corny bloggers and journalist better sit down and stop acting like you not soft as CHARMIN’s tissue.