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January 24, 2008


As if the original version of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” featuring Dwele wasn’t hot enough, a fellow Chicago native has laid down some vocals for a remix of the track. Fans can now find R. Kelly singing and rapping alongside ‘Ye on the new version of the song, which just hit the Web this week. There’s no word yet if it will get an official release.


January 18, 2008


You would never guess who the new chick on the block is for R.Kelly. In time for the American Idol fans, American Idol reject Trenyce has been said to be R.Kelly’s new chick. I received this from a credible source-One of her classmates from high school forwarded me this information. This seems to be out of R.Kelly league but it damn sure is a better look for his new trail coming up that has been postponed forever. CHECK OUT HER MYSPACE.

More details to come….


January 15, 2008

More troubles in the R.Kelly case. Some people really want this case to be over but we can all attest that this young lady is getting old and the evidence is getting to be null in void. If you have not remembered it has been nearly 6 years since the alleged sex tape first surfaced.

the prosecutors originally sought to have testimony from one expert witness, Dr. Sharon Cooper, cover several different areas, including the age of the girl on the tape based on forensic pediatrics, the identification of the man on the tape based on the vein pattern on his hands and the behavior profile of the girl based on the psychology of child sex-abuse victims.

Judge Vincent Gaughan had previously ruled that Dr. Cooper could testify about the victim’s age, but not the behavior profile, so prosecutors had asked him to reconsider. At a hearing on Monday, Gaughan ruled once again that Dr. Cooper would not be able to testify about why the girl in the case would deny that she was a victim or how common denial is in sex-abuse cases. Kelly is due back in court March 12 th for another pre-trial hearing.

Follow up Report: R.Kelly is going to jail……

December 20, 2007

A bench warrant was issued for R. Kelly today for his failure to appear in a Chicago court for his child pornography case. According to Kelly’s defense lawyer, Ed Genson, he was held up in Utah because of the snow:

State police pulled over Kelly’s tour bus in Green River, Utah, to check the bus’ log, Genson said. The log details how long a particular driver has been driving a bus. The police ordered Kelly’s bus to stop for eight hours because the log had not been properly filled out, Genson said.

The bus went to the nearest motel. “We had a lawyer down there. We cut the eight hours down to three or four,” Genson said.

Genson assured Gaughan that Kelly had made every effort to make it to court on time. “Mr. Kelly is presently about two hours away from the courtroom,” Genson said.

What is the Real Story

R.Kelly back in action with the Teen girls…..[Why his Publicist Regina Daniels actually quit ? ]

November 29, 2007

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Recently, Regina Daniels-R.Kelly newly resigned publicist may have a great reason for leaving the R.Kelly camp. Reported by recent bloogers like Bossip, R,Kelly has been seen out and about with Daniels 19 year-old daughter. Sources we have in Chi-Town tells us that this is true. We also heard that the girl has started rumors surrounding the story. She is supposed to be on Chicago radio soon .

I don’t believe that he is having relations with this damn girl, but I can say that Kellz is quite close to her.

Now, R.Kelly you need to slow down with these sudden urges to be with young women. Make certain that you have the right people in your camp because this will continue to hunt you …


R.Kelly drops Ne-yo off the tour…

November 20, 2007

Heyyyyyyyyyyy People we have a good one for you today and it is about your boy Ne-Yo and R.Kelly. Many bloggers express their dislike for R.Kelly but they still rockin to his -ish, – that’s beyond me, homie.

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But the news is out, R,Kelly has dropped Ne-yo from the rest of the tour. Sources say that Ne-Yo did such a great job of upstaging R.Kelly, that was the reason he was kicked off the tour. We all know that Ne-Yo is the “wanna-be Micheal Jackson”. Ne-yo does do a good job at what he does.
R Kelly’s camp sited the lack of a signed contract as the reason for removing Ne-Yo from the line up.

As talented as Kellz is, he had issues in the past with Jay-z reportedly being too big of a star[ Best of Both Worlds Tour]. …In this case, Ne-Yo may have a better stage show then the middle aged R.Kelly but “No Homo”- Kellz is the Shitttttttttttt and he has “Hits for days.”

Ne-Yo wanted to apologize to his fans, we think it was a bit over board because Ne-Yo- [NEWSFLASH] you were not the headliner. People bought the tickets to see all of you not just Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo goes on to say …. “I don’t understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing, said Ne-Yo. In my opinion, I was doing everything possible to make the tour a success. I love being on stage in front of fans because of the immediate feedback you get. You know right away if they are feeling you; and they were really feeling our show.”

No need for Ne-Yo to apologize, It was not his fault. Remember the middle-aged R.Kelly [still selling out crowds] kick you off the tour. The fans know!

R. Kelly’s Publicist Quits…"He Crossed the Line"

November 19, 2007

As the internet applauds ,now former publicist Regina Daniels, for quiting her reign as Kellz publicist, we have to say we need more information as to why this happen. Did he fondle her? Did he say some crazy things to her? In her recent resignation letter it appears that something happen out side of Mr.Kelly’s recent troubles.

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Why would she quit now…. she has been doing a hell of a job of keeping him out of the media for this recent tirad…… Judge for yourself… The letter is below… CHeck it out……

“Friends and Colleagues – After careful consideration and counsel, I have decided to formally announce my resignation as publicist for R&B artist R. Kelly. My resignation was effective as of August 28, 2007. Throughout the course of my 25 years as a publicist, I have prided myself on loyalty, respect and professionalism. It saddens me that I was not always shown those same courtesies during my 14 year tenure as Mr. Kelly’s publicist. Though I have a great appreciation for Mr. Kelly as an artist, there are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign. My husband, music retailer George Daniels, has also disassociated himself from Mr. Kelly. George and I are grateful for the show of support and encouragement that we have already received from many of you. We want you to know that we thank you, sincerely. Without change, progress is impossible. Keeping that in mind, I am excited to tell you that my agency, Daniels Entertainment Group, has an incredible year of expansion and success planned for 2008. Be on the lookout for an update in the near future!”


October 6, 2007