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New Artist- DTP’s Small World…..Pump it or Dump it !

January 6, 2008

Small World, new artist off of the DTP family ready to pop off in the 1st Quarter has his first single and we bringing it to you to let us know what it do?

We sat down with Small World a few months back and we spoke with him at a Grand Opening of the New Era Flagship store in Atlanta and he said he is ready to make history.

Luda has an All-Star roster and every southern hip hop head is waiting to see what happens. With Serius Jones up next and Playaz Circle just released and Willy Northpole on deck, DTP has a hell of a 2008 year coming up!


Pump it or Dump it (Video Edition): Ludacris Feat. Bun B & Rick Ross – Down In The Dirty

December 17, 2007
Ludacris Feat. Bun B & Rick Ross – Down In The Dirty South
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Have we lost all sense of spitting hot lyrics or have we resulted in having mediocre beats and mediocre videos…

Pump it or Dump it !

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Pump it or Dump it: Lil Weebie F/Lil Phat-‘Independent’

December 13, 2007



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December 12, 2007

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What was Janet thinking about on this album. We will let you decide if you like thing or not. We need to know if this is a pump it or dump it!

Wondering who wrote this song? Was it ‘The Dream’. He was on VEE 103 with Ryan Cameron speaking about he has two songs on this new Janet album…. Wonder if this is it. If so , someone needs to send the Repo man for his writing pen.

This song is piss poor !

Janet Jackson-‘Feedback’-Listen HERE !

Pump it or Dump it……Whewwww !

November 24, 2007

We have decided that we need to expose the hip hop party scene. Club photography has created a viable business for photographers. It is time out for photographers taking pictures of people they want to date… we want to look at visually appealing images.

Beauty….not [Booty] is in the eye of the beholder.
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Thank you to the readers who email us material!

We have started a new section called “PUMP IT” or DUMP IT…[This a section where we focus on club picture , and how some women want to be on KING MAG,SMOOVE MAG so bad they will look a hot ass mess doing it.