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January 9, 2008


Sitting back on his production royalties and thinking of his next venture aside from his “Ice Cream Clothing line”, Pharrell has stepped his game up !

Big Boi was offered Airforce One’s worth $50,000 but Pharrell will now be the one putting the jewels on them .

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with high-end design house Louis Vuitton and designer Camille Miceli for a new line of fine jewelry called Blason, which is a French word that is synonymous with a coat-of-arms representing a dynasty and for centuries has conveyed aristocratic heritage from one generation to another.


Camille Miceli in White Dress !

Following behind KANYE WEST Jewelry line, Pharrell is doing it grown man style with the fine jewelry.

Prices will range from $2000 up to over $600,000 dollars ; the line will be released roughly on 20th -22nd of January !

The Blason collection will feature various pieces inspired by the world of music and will include combinations of white and yellow gold with diamonds. The pieces will range in price from approximately 2,070 dollars to 621,000 dollars. According to Fashion Week Daily, the new line will be unveiled to the press on January 21st with a full launch following this spring.