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::Newbie’s in the Game:: Tanya Morgan

July 13, 2007

The have taken the world by storm with the prodigious name and peculiar way of rhyming but the have step up to the plate and has been getting major press for what the have going on right now . they are Tanya Morgan. No this is not a typo but it is unusually name for a rap group
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Tanya Morgan is comprised of east coast mc/producer Von Pea and the Midwestern duo Ilwil (donwill+ilyas) we consider ourselves as a hip hop supergroup of sorts because we both had a foothold in the game prior to becoming a group and also plan on doing work apart from the group as our original entities.

*******************CLUTCH MAGAZINE INTERVIEW*********************

Clutch: What is your vision of Hip-hop in the future?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Hip-hop in the future will be like hip-hop in the past. Its always been the same, its just where are you lookin to get it. Its not on the radio, its not on the tv.. well its there if you lookin for the coopted version. But you know it’s the same thing as it was 10 years ago. I guess in the future we are gonna see a wider range of age demographics being represented when they figure out that market. Hip hop is not that old so we haven’t made it to the point were we could have a U2 or an Elton john or beetles of hip-hop. But its coming…

Clutch: I know that you all have individual projects that you are working on, but can we expect from Tanya Morgan in the future?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Well aside from Ilwil’s BEAT THIEVES 2, right now we are working on the sophomore lp ‘BROOKLYNATI’ which we plan on dropping in late 2008. I know that seems like a long time but I feel like a lot of artists don’t give there albums room to breathe you know? We are releasing a project prior to that probably in early 08/late 07 that we are calling ‘BRIDGE TO BROOKLYNATI’ that will consist of a lot of songs we perform but you cant formally purchase together, so we are packaging them together. That and we are hitting the road with Zion I and Blu+Exile for a pretty extensive national tour.

Clutch: What unique qualities do each of you bring to the table that makes Tanya Morgan the movement it is now?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Well if I had to peg a trait to each member id say this:
Von Pea: he of course brings the beats and a lot of the lyrical wit. Me and him do a lot of the art direction for the group. He is the music nut in the group, id say he is the backpacker if I had to generalize.
Ilyas: he is just flat out a lyrical monster and he also does a lot with our stage show and how that comes together. He is extreme artist in the group, he is knows no bounds and can do any style of music he chooses very well.
Donwill: I am like the ground wire, the glue. I deal a lot with song structure, concepts and art direction. Im labeled as the hater, I don’t give a lot of stuff a chance and I go a lot on first impressions. And I listen to a lot of commercial radio stuff lol.

Clutch: How did your affiliation with come about?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: I was introduced the site in 99 by a friend of mines and since then I just never left. Von pea has been there since the beginning also. I was drawn to it because of the level of interaction that is fostered there amongst artists and their fans. Its just a place we always hang out at our affiliation is just as posters for the most part. We are always there just coolin out and shootin the shit postin up random nonsense or discussing music.