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Kanye West mom [Dr. Donda West] Passing has shocked entertainment news !!!!

November 11, 2007

I am at a loss of words with this one but everyone brace yourself – it too can happen to you. Aside from that, keep him in your prayers but yes it is not a rumor; Kanye West mom has just passed away Today – Dr. Donda West

Kanye was overseas in London when the fatal news was announced to him. No word on Kanye’s-sentiments right now but we can guarantee that he is not doing well at all. Their relationship was so strong, it was no secret in the world that Kanye loved him mom dearly.
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As you can see in the pictures they even had other ventures together. Kanye even discusses his gracious gratitude he had with his mom for moving with his dream when they didn’t have anything.

If you ever suffered a passing in your lifetime you know how hard it is to cope.
With Kanye West, I know that this will hit him very hard as will anyone else. As we all know Kanye was very close to his mom.

According to reports, Kanye West’s Mother, Dr. Donda West,died early today according to Hot 97’s Miss Info.

Kanye’s mom was the CEO of West Brands, LLC at the time of her death. She was also the chair of the Kanye WestFoundation.
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Sources are not reveling the cause of death right now.

No more information has been released but you will have to check back because we will have more information. We have our [goons] – interns working hard on getting great information on this developing situation.