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Jeezy Fires Back @ Pimp C……REAL TALK !

September 26, 2007

Pimp C is backing up everything he has said about Jezzy in some of his interviews. When XXL Magazine asked Pimp C in their October 2007 issue to again clarify the “17.5” reference, he reiterated that Jeezy was “THE MAN WITH THE PLAN…SHOULD I SAY FALSE PLAN”

The two obviously have respect for each other but it is two differences of opinion. The situation is going to be cloudy until The two really hash the thing out.

I think Jeezy is not going to really comment on the situation because he is such good homies with fellow band member of UGK “Bun B”. Jeezy had a candid sit down with my peeps Aqua @ Check out this interview for yourself

If he ain’t referring to me he ain’t referring to me but first of all I’m one hundred, I’m a real street ni**a and I ain’t gotta stress that. And nor will I get myself or anybody in my circle indicted to prove nothing to no ni**a, but at the end of the day that what it is and that’s what I’m standing on. He been gone six years, he don’t know what’s been going on in these streets. And to be honest with you, nobody ain’t got to go shop over that way anyway.