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Video: "I love when tabloids talk about me "- IT’s Entertaining !

February 7, 2008

As interesting as it is Jay-z limits his answers about Beyonce but he does get real about the music industry. Jigga says if you don’t live your life and worry about the tabloids you would be miserable. Since Jigga is taken it all in stride tell him to tell us if he is married to this girl or not. Ole Jiggaman is trying to do an AAliyah-R.Kelly fake wedding. NEWS FLASH: We don’t care anymore about the marriage !

New Videos: JAY-Z:::::PRAY

January 30, 2008

Jay-z…40/40 Club-"Brand Name..I Stand Behind it ,’I Gurantee it !"

January 7, 2008


The man has created a brand name for him self and it is sustaining the test of time. Apparently, Jay-z had a ball opening up his new 40/40 club in Las Vegas this new Years because he is scheduled to open up 5 more locations across the globe.


Mary J
Vanessa Simmions
Memphis Bleek & Just Blaze
Jay-z & Jeezy
Jay-z & Lebron James
DJ Toomp & Tracey Mourning
Jay-z & Al Sharpton

I guess Jigga-man is not worried about any of the recent woes about him leaving Def Jam because he plans to open locations of his sports club in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, London and Houston. We know some of our Atlanta folks are mad that he is not coming to Atlanta but really is the Atlanta market ready for it. Every time something opens in ATL it gets played out in 2 months. Then all the promoters in Atlanta want a piece of it by that time it is slutted out in less then 6mths. LMAO !

They hope to have all of the opening a smash because the last one drew out stars like; Pauly Shore, Beyonce, Robin Thicke and Al Sharpton were among those in attendance for the celebration.

Is Jay-z out of a job @ Def Jam????

December 8, 2007

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It has been said that Jay-z contract is up at the end of this month . Due to the slumping sales at Def Jam and the lackluster sales of ‘American Gangsta’… its said that the ‘Jigga-man’ will not get his contract renewed !

Jay-Z performs at Hammerstein Ballroom…

November 24, 2007

Jay-z performs concert and her brings along his friends and new found friends…Diddy,Lil Wayne,Freeway & More…

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Lil Wayne….
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Watch Jay-z (Full) American Gangsta concert!!!

Jay-z Grace the cover of ROlling Stone;Alicia Keys A No-Show At Album Release Party

November 18, 2007

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Jay-Z gets close and up front with Rolling Stone. Her tells a few secrets of the album -American Gangster!

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Alicia Keys has been riding high in the media right now with all the covers she has been graced with but she has messed up …. she was a NO-show at her own album release party…. [is she getting DIVA- with her new nose job..and bronzing?]

*********The word was it was a classic case of the promoter not having the money to pay Keys***

She was expected to get $15,000 for a walk through and the only had $4000 of the money….. [Keys are you that greedy , or is it just business?]

NY Daily News

“These promoters were digging in their pockets, looking for cash, and were still short,” said another source. “The owner of the club even offered to pay the remainder of the owed money himself, just to get her in the club.”

That’s where fans who’d paid $25 a pop were waiting, says the spywitness: “One eight-months-pregnant lady, who is an Alicia Keys superfan, showed up and waited for hours just to see her.”

Keys’ manager, Jeff Robinson, told us, “This is the first I’ve heard of that,” when we asked him about the lack of payment. “I never heard she was getting paid at all.”

Then why did Alicia not go inside even to meet her boyfriend?

“Well, there was a lot of mismanagement by these club promoters, and that’s about all I know,” Robinson told us.

Jay-z says Kanye is the greatest…….

November 12, 2007

Jay-z reflects over his masterpiece of an album by sitting down with the riveting, Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose is the equivalent of the ‘Actors Studio’ [if you have ever seen it]

Below is a candid interview that Jay-z also discusses how this is a masterpiece.

Jay-z charismatic interview shows how he has become a seasoned professional in the ranks of the sought after writers.

Jay-Z is on pace to Tie Elvis for #1 Albums! Early estimates have Jay-Z ripping the top album spot on the charts, moving 179K units on the first day.

This will tie Jay-Z with Elvis for the second place spot for #1 albums.
Jay-Z and his partners Iconix Brand Group, who bought Rocawear for $204 million, has purchased the Artful Dodger clothing line for $15 million cash.

Jay-z Touches down in ATL

November 8, 2007

As Jigga man-Hova-Jay-z and all the other monikure’s that he has, touched down in the ATL at the Velvet Room this past Sunday. He brought out the Who’s Who of the Atl ! Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Freeway and Beanie Segal performed in addition to Jay-Z’s solo five-song set. Atlanta’s own Usher attended the celebration as well.
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The Ciara party was not even this packed but we have the pictures for you below… it was crazy. And i bet it was funky in there.
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For some reason, it seems as if Hova is the man that every man wants to be. Fellas get your own Swag and stop being swagger jackers.

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**Exclusive**Jay-Z Story Tellers "Fallin" Live

November 8, 2007

No one will really know why Jigga did this album but you better belive that her is grinding for the “American Gangata” album! Check this Live performance….

THIS SHIT IS HOT… This is like Reasonable Doubt II ! Blog


November 7, 2007