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Breaking News: Barry Bonds Tested positive for steroids in 2000—“You Bum”

February 15, 2008


Now this foolish information has come in and it is so much of breaking news it will be all over your radio and your tube in the morening beside your other simple rhetoric about the presidential race of 2008.
But this just in , Home Run Champ Barry Bonds has been revealed by the prosecutor in the case against him.
According to a court document filed Thurday by federal prosecutors in the perjury case against Bonds, it is being said that Bonds can be in a whole lot of heat… (and I’m not talking spring training !)

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January 15, 2008

More troubles in the R.Kelly case. Some people really want this case to be over but we can all attest that this young lady is getting old and the evidence is getting to be null in void. If you have not remembered it has been nearly 6 years since the alleged sex tape first surfaced.

the prosecutors originally sought to have testimony from one expert witness, Dr. Sharon Cooper, cover several different areas, including the age of the girl on the tape based on forensic pediatrics, the identification of the man on the tape based on the vein pattern on his hands and the behavior profile of the girl based on the psychology of child sex-abuse victims.

Judge Vincent Gaughan had previously ruled that Dr. Cooper could testify about the victim’s age, but not the behavior profile, so prosecutors had asked him to reconsider. At a hearing on Monday, Gaughan ruled once again that Dr. Cooper would not be able to testify about why the girl in the case would deny that she was a victim or how common denial is in sex-abuse cases. Kelly is due back in court March 12 th for another pre-trial hearing.


January 11, 2008

This just in, Marion Jones, the USA track star has just been sentenced to 6mth in jail for Lying to the courts. Jones Admitted To Lying To Investigators About Drug Use, Involvement In Check-Fraud Scheme.

The sentence completes stunning fall for a woman who was once the most celebrated female athlete in the world. A runner and long jumper, she won three gold and two bronze medals at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.
What is the Real Story?

***Exclusive ***Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Making it Rain on them…….

January 6, 2008

Steve Harvey is in some deep sh*t and besides that; he is broke. We have inside information from a reliable source that it was nothing but sheer mayhem in the courtroom.

Steve’s ex-wife- Mary Lee Harvey- took him to the cleaners. Few months prior to this story, Mary filed a suit on Steve because she feels she was wrongly misrepresented because she never knew that she couldn’t have separate counsel in the divorce proceedings. (What a dumb ass excuse, its called “RESEARCH” Mary !)

Mary Harvey claims that one of the reasons her former husband pressured her to use Anderson as her attorney was to settle the divorce quickly and quietly in order to protect Steve Harvey’s public image. She accuses the performer of trying to cover up his adultery, his poor and neglectful parenting, “and physical and mental abuse of” Mary Harvey.

See more details of the suit here

WHAT ARE THE DETAILS OF THE 10 Million Dollar Suit

Just a few days ago Steve’s ex-wife went out and bought 4-5 cars (Denali,Phantom etc.) Ran up his American Express Card to $150,000! Creditors have been calling Mr. Harvey and he has been avoiding them because he is broke and all of his assets are seized. Steve’s publishing company employees couldn’t get paid for an entire month because of all this going on with Steve not having any money. You would never know if you listen to his morning show because he act like his life isn’t falling apart.

Sources tell us that his Attorney sounded like she came fresh off a cotton field, in how she spoke down to her attire.
In the court room it was a mess, Steve’s attorney was acting as if she received he Law License from a ‘Cracker Jack Box’, because in the court room the Attorney would call objection and then tell the judge, “I forgot what I was abjection too.” It looks like Steve’s in trouble; NO LAWYER,NO MONEY….. What’s going on dude? Is the Kings of Comedy becoming his own worst enemy?


December 28, 2007

Now this video has surfaced and now it is out. Listen to this candid convo that Raz-b has with Marques Houston Father and sister. Some how I truly do believe this but the question is why now? Why come out with this now; because the word is that it is not all about money. Raz-B has been around this family for a great deal of time. What else is going to come out because this T.U.G family is a huge family of stars.
Photo Courtsy: YBF

Listen to how Raz-B says his *ss hurts (No Homo) ! This young man is hurt or he has a huge vendetta against their musical movement. Is it is because Raz B and the boys are has beens now?

What does the other member of B2K have to say about this?

Raz-B brother drops the bomb !!!! More News

December 28, 2007


Raz-B brother Rickey Romance has come out and said that they want to kill him “They wanted to kill Jesus for what he knew”.
Omarion saying that this is totally not true, and Raz-B need to stop lying on Christ stokes At the end of the day, some one has to pay for the situation. Now if Raz-B brother is telling a lie, then he is telling a great lie. Ricky Romance has stated that he has physically seen some of the things Chris Stokes has done. The interview we point out some key things that will answer some of your question.

But you ask yourself, why are none of them going to the police with this? Why was there an apology right after the statement?? Was this a publicity stunt going on.

Check out the interview with Raz-B brother and figure out for yourself how this story will continue to unfold.

Big shouts to for holding us down with the audio.

103.5 The Bomb in Sacramento California has an extensive interview as well that is keeping the streets talking and Rickey Romance says he has to get a restraining order to even protect his family.

Fantasia Denies Pregnant Rumors with Young Dro……

December 20, 2007

Rep’s from the Fantasia camp has been in a Publicity over-drive. She has released statement stating that she is not pregnant by Young Dro(Grand Hustle Records-T.I. Record label).

“Fantasia is not pregnant and the Internet rumors are entirely untrue. It is true that she has missed some performances because she has gotten sick from time to time over the nine months, but doing eight shows a week is a lot so she missed a few.”

To be honest, This was done to make sure that the last few shows of the Broadway rendition of “The Color Purple” would do well. After the new year Chaka Khan is taking over Fantasia’s spot. It was said that Fantasia was doing a good job, so why is she being repleace…UMMM!

Rapper -Lil Mama mother passed away

December 18, 2007

Rapper Lil Mama, born Niatia Jessica Kirkland, suffered a terrible loss on December 15th, 2007. We really want to send our condolences out to Lil’ Mama ! Her mom had cancer and was diagnosed in 2003.

Read more @Yoraps!

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Listen: Donda West shocking 911 call

December 18, 2007

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If you have not heard by now it is officially out.. the 911 call that has literally shocked the world about Kanye West Mom –Donda West.
Part 1 HERE

If you listen to the tape it may have been a chance to save the life of Ms West. It is about an 5-8 minute conversation,… if you have time to listen please do .. it is shocking!!!
Part 2 HERE
A family member was hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR.

As shocking as this is for us to post this we felt that we had to post this because we wanted you our readers to be informed !

Read the full story @

Geffen Records & Interscope has merged…..

December 15, 2007

This has not come to us as a surprise because last week their were a great deal of layoffs. What will happen to the G-Unit family …Will LLoyd Banks get dropped??

Will Mary J. Blige get a bigger budget? WE SHALL SEE!

What does this mean for you as the reader… Well in a nut shell your favorite may be put on the shelf or even worse …dropped from the label.