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Raz-B says… "GOD BLESS YOU ALL….." WTF

January 14, 2008


We have it live and direct for you. A few weeks ago if you all have not noticed, Raz-B was accusing manager, producer and well respected business owner for molesting him during the time of B2K.

He mentions several things in his YouTube broadcast about the situation. Furthermore, Raz –B came up missing for a few days (so-called) & and now we have the first interview from Raz-B. In some ways I do feel sorry for Raz-B because he was apart of one of the biggest boy- band today !

Raz-B Fires back Listen HERE….

Lupe Fiasco sits down with Tavis Smiley and talks Politics, Life, Religion,Rap

January 10, 2008

Lupe sits down with Tavis Smileyto talk about how his inspirations got him to where he is right now. Cornell West plays a huge role in developing Lupe’s career. If you never picked up a Lupe Fiasco record, he is truly the next NAS or RAKIM. There are many of you out there that don’t like to compare rappers but to make this more familiar to people that haven’t heard Lupe-this is a good starting point.

Lupe is guaranteed to shock the industry for years to come!!

Lupe Fiasco Ft. Matthew Santos – Superstar [New]
Uploaded by PJ

Yung Joc says… "I aint no SNITCH"…….

January 9, 2008

As we sit and search website to website , we get a chance to see what other journalist and bloggers do on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on bringing you exclusive material and HOT new relevant information of the masses.

We stopped by SOHH and got a chance to hear Yung Joc’s side about Clifford T.I.P Harris and Block Entertainment being a “snitch” in this recent case.

Understand readers that this is deeper then just this music; this is people’s career and their livelihood on the line. We try to make sure we go through this information with a fine tooth comb.

Listen to how JOC put it down !!!

Blogger Perex Hilton… about to get his ass kicked

December 14, 2007

As funny as Perez Hilton is …and how much freedom he has given blogger/journalists like myself-Hilton was about to get his ass kicked by BOBBY BROWN.

Some bloggers don’t care about getting hurt or even worried about walking these streets but this is real peoples lives . I have seen, on numerous occasions, bloggers nearly get their ass kicked and at the end of the day the laugh about it . one day people will learn. celebrities do need to stop being so sensitive but bloggers need to make sure that they have to watch their back.

The computer does not give you a free pass to “hate on someone” . BE CAREFUL

Watch this video …..

Bun B first Interview…and he talks with VIBE writter.. LINDA HOBBS

December 7, 2007

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As the rumors swirl,families moren and fans are in utter amazment, Vibe writter took some time to speak with Bun B for the First Official interview after his fallin comrade is laid to rest .

How did it feel seeing him for the first time after he was released from prison in 2005?

***Man. UGK was at a place where everything he wanted it to be was finally getting there. Everything he wanted to get from it, he was about to receive. The love, the admiration and respect – not just from fans but also from peers and even journalists.****

Linda Hobbs captures the heart-felt sentiments of memories the two(Bun B & Pimp C) shared together. Kudos to Vibe for chosing Linda Hobbs because she exemplified what pure journalism is all about.

See what else Bun B has to Say!

Pimp C’s Death is under Investigation

December 6, 2007

In the state of this terrible lost, Pimp C’s- (Chad Butler) mom has interviewed about some of the specifics. An investigation has started over Pimp C’s death !

Pimp C mom, says” that she is happy to see how the industry loved him and she is happy to say that Chad had an opportunity to show what a ‘nut’ he was.”?

View the candid interview by TMZ with Pimp C mom !

Saigon Interview……

November 30, 2007

Saigon talks about alot…. he points out how rappers Mobb Deep are truly fakers in the rap game!

Kanye West Spotlight… Dope ass Beats……..[ Sweeeeet ! ]

November 22, 2007

Jay-z says Kanye is the greatest…….

November 12, 2007

Jay-z reflects over his masterpiece of an album by sitting down with the riveting, Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose is the equivalent of the ‘Actors Studio’ [if you have ever seen it]

Below is a candid interview that Jay-z also discusses how this is a masterpiece.

Jay-z charismatic interview shows how he has become a seasoned professional in the ranks of the sought after writers.

Jay-Z is on pace to Tie Elvis for #1 Albums! Early estimates have Jay-Z ripping the top album spot on the charts, moving 179K units on the first day.

This will tie Jay-Z with Elvis for the second place spot for #1 albums.
Jay-Z and his partners Iconix Brand Group, who bought Rocawear for $204 million, has purchased the Artful Dodger clothing line for $15 million cash.