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February 18, 2008


I guess Ms. Lathan has gotten a lot of brown sugar in her diet because she is getting too hyper in her words. Recently she was quoted saying some ill sh*t about …..wait I’m just going to let you read what she told Page Six.

“I’m very lucky because I’m a working actress. There are a lot of white people who envy me. Who would love to be in my position!”


Breaking News: Barry Bonds Tested positive for steroids in 2000—“You Bum”

February 15, 2008


Now this foolish information has come in and it is so much of breaking news it will be all over your radio and your tube in the morening beside your other simple rhetoric about the presidential race of 2008.
But this just in , Home Run Champ Barry Bonds has been revealed by the prosecutor in the case against him.
According to a court document filed Thurday by federal prosecutors in the perjury case against Bonds, it is being said that Bonds can be in a whole lot of heat… (and I’m not talking spring training !)

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Booed up??

February 12, 2008


I am the queen of being booed up!! So I know what looks questionable! When a good girl goes bad does she date a good boy and get matching tattoos?? Don’t know but if I wanted to look bad I would appear with him at the Pre-Grammy Parties. They danced together at Ne-yo’s party and sat together at Clive Davis’ party. Does that mean they are a couple? Hmm
Screaming MiMi

Benzino- U Lame!!!!

February 12, 2008


So recently Benzino said he does not want beef with anyone and that he can put his personal feelings aside from his business but now this. . . .According to the next issue of his magazine Hip Hop Weekly will feature Benzino claiming to have slept with several industry women! He calls himself the “male Superhead”. He claims to have slept with Fat Joe’s wife and that Trina aborted their baby! I wouldn’t put anything past Trina. She would lay up with anyone so a little froggy love is nothing if it comes with the paper. But Fat Joe’s wife! Come on! That’s a little hard to swallow, Pun intended, heh! Screaming MiMi

Raz-B says… "GOD BLESS YOU ALL….." WTF

January 14, 2008


We have it live and direct for you. A few weeks ago if you all have not noticed, Raz-B was accusing manager, producer and well respected business owner for molesting him during the time of B2K.

He mentions several things in his YouTube broadcast about the situation. Furthermore, Raz –B came up missing for a few days (so-called) & and now we have the first interview from Raz-B. In some ways I do feel sorry for Raz-B because he was apart of one of the biggest boy- band today !

Raz-B Fires back Listen HERE….


January 12, 2008


Usher has had a tremendous year with the birth of his new baby but what is in store for USHER these days? When are we going to hear some new music from the boy? You have got to wait and see but my sources tell me that USHER is working on an album right now. Can you remember how you felt when you popped that new USHER confession in the CD player, ….. WOW [classic] ! The boy did his thing on that one.

Might I add the CONFESSION ALBUM sold more than 9-million copies. So where’s the follow-up? HERE IT COMES- Well, it’s underway, apparently. Jermaine Dupri has produced one new track called “The Realest” – which was being tipped as the record’s first single. T-Pain has also weighed in as a producer, and a track called “Dat Girl Right There” – which features Ludacris – leaked onto the internet last month. No album release date yet, but Dupri claims his pal Usher wants to get it out there – “He’s got that itch,” Jermaine says.