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February 18, 2008


Yes it is true and I feel sorry for the die-hard fans of the show “Girlfriends” aka –“The Black Sex in the City” .

Now what are the toe-tapping,head snapping black girls going to watch now. This show some how identified with a lot of black women. I guess Kelsy Grammer , could not hold on to the show any longer.

Some say that when one of the member was cut off the show it was doomed to fail .

What are we going to watch now?


February 7, 2008


Trina has gone Olsen Twins on us. I think Trina has lost her ever lovin mind. She
admits to shedding some extra pounds with the help of an all-liquid diet. “Every time you’re hungry, you gotta drink the liquid. It’s pretty strenuous, but you really have to stick it out,” the Diamond Princess confessed.

Known for being “thick,” the 30-year-old rap diva has trimmed her waistline in preparation for her big comeback and upcoming album, ‘Still Da Baddest,’ but she insists she isn’t going for the super-skinny look. “I’m not trying to be runway-model thin,” Trina


February 6, 2008


Work for Diddy, You have to be broke, desperate, or somewhat insane. If you have not already notice, Diddy has not had a good track record with employees.. remember when he fired his Choreographer on the “Making The Band “ a few season’s ago….LMAO !

Sean “Diddy” Combs is teaming up with Vh1 for an upcoming reality show that will chronicle his search for a new personal assistant. Open calls will be held tomorrow in New York and Atlanta, with additional calls in Chicago, Los Angles, Houston, Boston and Miami in coming weeks. Applicants must arrive with an application, which can be downloaded from, along with a current resume. The pool of perspective candidates will eventually be narrowed to 20 finalists, all of whom will appear on the as-of-yet untitled show on Vh1. It is scheduled to debut this summer.

That was so petty. If you want to work for Diddy, YOU BETTER GET YOUR WALKING SHOES ON , MIGHT HAVE TO GO GET THAT CHEESECAKE AGAIN…(Take dat…Take dat…Take dat ….)