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Video: Bill Clinton Falls Asleep……SHAME ON THAT GUY !!!!

January 22, 2008

What was he thinking. Tell Hillary , her man need some rest! What a disgrace to the MLK Holiday. Bill Clinton is seen here falling asleep as MLK III is giving is speech at the celebration.

Bun B Tears Up On Talkin Bout Losin "Pimp C"! Red Carpet & Rap City Interview

January 20, 2008

With all the rumors and the unfiltered speculation about Pimp C not granting interviews, here is some candid footage of Bun B taking the time out to explain a few things to his fans.

While it is so hard to lose another solider in the rap game, the music will still live on . Listen to Bun B drop some science on how he miss his big brother PIMP C.

Funny Videos: Doo Doo Records become a huge hit on YouTube(Search:HotStylz)

December 12, 2007

Now We had to bring you this video that has been all over the news. We are the first blogger family in ATLANTA with this. Watch the other bloggers make light of this video.

The video is actually very funny. What made these dudes thing of this? Very creative. What we do when we sit at home and not do anything . This actually took talent because it sounds like they were freestyling….LOL

Video-Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing REMIX

November 23, 2007

This is Funny as hell …..