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Friday Flicks: Keyshia Cole Performs Live

February 22, 2008

.::Friday Flicks::.Ja Rule f/ Lil Wayne -Keyshia Cole;Jeezy;J-Holiday

July 13, 2007

We brought you the news about Lil Wayne and Ja Rule busting out with the new single. Check out the Making of the new video right here…….

I know you all have seen the Missy and Keyshia Cole joint… enjoy the new video……

I know this is R&B but this is thehottest song that in the streetz and we love to hear what the streetz is talking bout… check out J.Holiday in his video debut “BED”.


July 6, 2007

Just recently had a conversation with Zoe and he tells me he is ready to shut this shit down. Zoe say the video is the first of many ! He say he can see this being huge for Block entertainment!!!!

Now we know damn well 50 is going slap crazy. I don’t even know why he came on the show with that lame explanations as if he really gave a fuck. This was a PR move if didn’t know. Watch this video and see for yourself.

People will continue to believe that this Dip-Set family is the shit -NO HOMO, Watch this clip from Rap city of Jim Jones,Cam and Julez Shut it down… By the way Dip Set just came out with a new mix-tape……

…..Now some people would say what i am about to say “who actually still freestyle HIP HOP,” well apparently no one cause these boys are spittin their best 16 bars. Yes you should spit your shit so you wont be embarressed but we want you to freestyle not just spit any 16 bars.
Check out the Choppa City Boyz do they thang..(Ya heard)

BK Hip Hop Festival