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Ciara say Merry Xmas to her fans w/NEW VIDEO

December 25, 2007

Ciara has made herself one of the most notable pin-ups in the blogger world today. Ciara began her year off with a bang by dating her c\secret lover Bow Wow and also releasing her new album. Ciara has become bloggers magnet. After doing a birthday tour for her birthday it was indeed official that she has taken over the blogging world and making Beyonce last years news.

Tonight at 12 midnight you will be able to view Ciara’s video live right here before anyone else. This is a gift from us to you, our blogging family. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Ciara & Rihanna has beef on the UK tour???

December 15, 2007

The news is in….Ciara is said to be keeping her distance from Rihanna on the ongoing UK tour. Rihanna has been sick on the tour and has missed alittle over 2 dates. RIhanna has been sick with a cold and Ciara has not been around her the entire time. “I have not had a chance to even hang out with her,says Ciara.”

Ciara Celebrates her Birthday in Atlanta BIG …and found a New Boyfriend too !

October 29, 2007

We wanted to make sure that you had the opportunity to get through your weekend and get real rested up because the Ciara Birthday Celebration at Velvet Room was “BANANAS.” Some people would disagree with this but we would have question their true ‘Gangsta’.

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Bobby V

The red carpet was out and the lace wigs were flowing, the FREAK’em Dresses were out in full effect and men were salivating as usually as the lines filled with partygoers waiting and anticipating on seeing partying with the fabulous Ciara.

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Buckeey-Flavor of Love

With her celebrity friends and family .. YES ! Ciara’s mother and father came out to join in the festivities with their daughter and we have that exclusive footage of her parents getting down.

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Lil Scrappy

Giving you, the fans what you were hoping for we made sure we was in the midst of it all. We have EXCLUSIVE footage of Ne-Yo singing happy birthday to Ciara. And might I add, Ne-Yo has dispelled all the rumors of his ‘HOMO’ tendencies because rumor has it that this is the new celeb couple. These two were truly enjoying themselves that night but we will soon find out if the two have decided to put out an official statement.

Ciara rolled up in a Bentley Limousine with pearl and navy blue two-tone paint with 22 inch alloyed will and she stepped out looking Uber-Chic and fabulous . Ciara (the media magnet) was her nice polite self to the media and it was then time for the party to begin.

The over all night was grand ! Bottle were poppin and the beat wasn’t stopping on this girls party.

Ciara’s actually blew out the candles in the club which capped off this event very nicely.

A Big thanks to Nicole Garner & Cyrstal Betts. You girl’s did your thing !

**Exclusive**Ciara announces birthday tour celebrating her 22nd birthday !!

October 24, 2007

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You have no idea what I thought when I heard that Ciara was coming back to ATL to do this Birthday tour. I figured we would have a chance to talk with Ciara and see what she feels about her turning one year older.
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Ciara will be on a 5 Major City tour. This is so innovative I have to give Ciara her props.
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We want to get some feedback on how Ciara feels about Tyra Banks probing about her situation with 50 Cent…..

We all wanted to know but Tyra handled it so wrong.
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Tour Dates include:
10/25 Ciara’s 22nd Birthday/Dinner at private location /NYC
10/26 Birthday Party @ Runway/NYC
10/27 Birthday Party @ H2O Restaurant and Lounge/Washington, DC
10/28 Birthday Party @ Velvet Room/Atlanta
10/29 Birthday Party @ Cameo/Miami
10/30 Birthday Dinner @ Nobu/Bahamas
10/31 Birthday Party/Bahamas