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Chuck D needs to sit down?

January 29, 2008


Does Chuck D need to sit his ass down? When was the last time Public Enemy came out with a album. And who is his new artist that he is promoting? Has Chuck D gone mad? Is Chuck D the mad rapper or has he just finally got upset at the state of urban, pop black music (or what ever they call it now)

Chuck D is the pioneer of this shit and he was denied the position as Universal Record President Position. The word was sent out that they will not be replacing Jay-z in this position. Chuck D is kind of angry about this ! Chuck feels there are only a few Buzzard…yes he said buzzard that control the industry…..

The same thing that happened to MOTOWN is DEF JAM’s fate. In my opinion, the fact that 10 -15 individuals in the guise of hovering buzzards are given keys to the culture based on their alliances with these corporations, is a partial reason for the troubled condition it’s in. Hence music, and especially this urban, black, whatever you wanna call it, is an incestuous inner circle of usual suspects that are financially trusted over black culture by a select ‘other few.’ It’s evident that we are not the same people.

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