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Fighting the Bulge

February 18, 2008


Deelishis is all spread eagle on the new cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine with her new man. Of course we knew the flavor flav thing would not last .

These Flavor of Love rejects kill me trying to turn over a new leaf when their main source of attraction is their large extremities (Breast,*ss, etc) !

The head line reads that she is trying to fight to overcome the but… but what does she expect, I mean seriously???

Trust me, she still trying to get checks off that apple bottom !

Booed up??

February 12, 2008


I am the queen of being booed up!! So I know what looks questionable! When a good girl goes bad does she date a good boy and get matching tattoos?? Don’t know but if I wanted to look bad I would appear with him at the Pre-Grammy Parties. They danced together at Ne-yo’s party and sat together at Clive Davis’ party. Does that mean they are a couple? Hmm
Screaming MiMi