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Bun B first Interview…and he talks with VIBE writter.. LINDA HOBBS

December 7, 2007

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As the rumors swirl,families moren and fans are in utter amazment, Vibe writter took some time to speak with Bun B for the First Official interview after his fallin comrade is laid to rest .

How did it feel seeing him for the first time after he was released from prison in 2005?

***Man. UGK was at a place where everything he wanted it to be was finally getting there. Everything he wanted to get from it, he was about to receive. The love, the admiration and respect – not just from fans but also from peers and even journalists.****

Linda Hobbs captures the heart-felt sentiments of memories the two(Bun B & Pimp C) shared together. Kudos to Vibe for chosing Linda Hobbs because she exemplified what pure journalism is all about.

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