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February 18, 2008


Yes it is true and I feel sorry for the die-hard fans of the show “Girlfriends” aka –“The Black Sex in the City” .

Now what are the toe-tapping,head snapping black girls going to watch now. This show some how identified with a lot of black women. I guess Kelsy Grammer , could not hold on to the show any longer.

Some say that when one of the member was cut off the show it was doomed to fail .

What are we going to watch now?


February 11, 2008


Finally a Bob Marley Documentary directed by Martin Scorsese has finally arrived !

Remember the director that directed GoodFellas, Casino and the Best Picture in 2007 THE DEPARTED…. That’s the guy that is going to direct the documentary. I’m Telling you this is going to be out to see and I would not be surprised if it didn’t receive Oscar talks in 2010

Scorsese is widely recognized for his work on Oscar-nominated films including Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, The Aviator and 2007 Best Picture Winner The Departed.
The documentary, having already received permission from the Marley family, will also have direct input and support from Marley’s son, Ziggy. He will take on the role as one of the executive producers of the project.

“I am thrilled that the Marley family will finally have the opportunity to document our father’s legacy and are truly honored to have Mr. Scorsese guide the journey,” Ziggy said.

Breaking News: Pimp C Death Attributed To Accidental Overdose

February 6, 2008

Why don’t they leave the dude alone? Yes I’m talking about Pimp C. Okay we know that the man like to sip on the sizzzzzzzzzzzuurrp ! ( That’s a alcoholic drink if some of you don’t know) It when you mix codeine and other alcoholic beverages and mixers together to make a mean drink.

UGK rapper Pimp C´s death was the result of an overdose that was triggered by a large consumption of codeine medication combined with a pre-existing sleep condition, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

The autopsy ruled that the rapper (real name: Chad Butler) died accidentally.

Pimp C was found dead December 4 in a Los Angeles hotel after headlining a few spot tour dates in California with Too Short. He was 33.

Geffen Records & Interscope has merged…..

December 15, 2007

This has not come to us as a surprise because last week their were a great deal of layoffs. What will happen to the G-Unit family …Will LLoyd Banks get dropped??

Will Mary J. Blige get a bigger budget? WE SHALL SEE!

What does this mean for you as the reader… Well in a nut shell your favorite may be put on the shelf or even worse …dropped from the label.

**EXCLUSIVE** Lil Wayne sister shot !!!!

December 12, 2007

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Yes Lil Wayne sister has been shot. No word as to how she is doing. From a reliable source,they have said that for the respect of the family their just going to say that Lil Wayne sister has been shot.

More details to follow!!!

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Ole Ike Turner is DEAD !!

December 12, 2007

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May he REST IN PEACE! We officially heard this from a friend of ours in California but TMZ is reporting that he died in his sleep. Many stories are coming out as to how he died-we’ll fill you in shortly.

This should let people know we are in the days you need to get right with yoru people. Just like it was mentioned my rapper Bun B-“If you have not said ‘I Love You’ to people you love today you better do it .

Ike Turner was 76 years old. Ike was married to Tina Turner and a movie was made about the two in the 90’s

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***EXCLUSIVE** Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Kim Porter throw son Quincy Brown a Stunna 16 Birthday Affair

December 10, 2007

Wow….Birthday celebrations seem to be the way to go for most celebrities now. With all the glitz and glamour surrounded by most sweet 16 parties now because of the popular MTV SHOW-“Sweet 16”, it has become a fabulous phenomenon.

We have brought you this story first, no blogger,news affiliate or magazine has this story before us!
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Kim Porter throw son Quincy Brown a Stunna 16 Birthday Affair

Living up to his father’s highly acclaimed parties where guests arrive and never know what to expect, Quincy’s birthday affair will be filled with surprises guaranteed to “remix” the traditional Sweet 16, hence the name Stunna 16.

On Saturday, December 15, 2007 from 6:00pm – 11:00pm @ a private location Diddy’s son Quincy will look to shut down the city with his lavish birthday surprise.

“Quincy, has lived the good life and walked red carpets since he was very young but for his party he wanted to give kids the opportunity to see life through his eyes, if only for one night. Quincy even went on air to give away passes to 100 well – deserving listeners, so that they could join in the festivities and not just celebrate him but many”, stated I’na Saulsbery (event producer, The Starfire Group).

Media Contact: The Garner Circle

Nicole Garner

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BOW WOW Rushed to Hospital in Cincinnati,Ohio ……

December 8, 2007


From a credible source and some of my peeps in the Nasti Nati (Cincinnati,Ohio) Rapper Bow Wow was rushed to the hospital after performance in the Nati following his co-headlining performance on Chris Brown’s “Exclusive Holiday Tour” in Cincinnati, Ohio, last night (December 6).Cincinnati news is reporting that the rapper is recovering from a combination of exhaustion and stress, from promoting his upcoming collaboration album with Omarion titled Face Off.

Face Off In Stores Dec 11

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FACE OFF In Stores Dec 11th

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Bun B first Interview…and he talks with VIBE writter.. LINDA HOBBS

December 7, 2007

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As the rumors swirl,families moren and fans are in utter amazment, Vibe writter took some time to speak with Bun B for the First Official interview after his fallin comrade is laid to rest .

How did it feel seeing him for the first time after he was released from prison in 2005?

***Man. UGK was at a place where everything he wanted it to be was finally getting there. Everything he wanted to get from it, he was about to receive. The love, the admiration and respect – not just from fans but also from peers and even journalists.****

Linda Hobbs captures the heart-felt sentiments of memories the two(Bun B & Pimp C) shared together. Kudos to Vibe for chosing Linda Hobbs because she exemplified what pure journalism is all about.

See what else Bun B has to Say!

Micheal Bell Plead Out? Good Choice or Not?

December 5, 2007

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Micheal Bell & Jena 6 , whose prosecution in the beating of a white classmate led to one of the largest civil rights protests in years pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor battery charge that could see him released from a detention center in about eight months.

Many people are upset about this entire situation. How do you feel?
What does this all mean ?

“We were prepared to go forward with the trial, but you have to do what’s best for the client,” said Carol Powell Lexing, one of Bell’s attorneys. A juvenile court trial was to begin later this week.

Under his deal, Bell pleaded guilty to a juvenile charge of second-degree battery in return for an 18-month sentence, with credit for 10 months he already has served. Bell had faced being placed in a juvenile facility until his 21st birthday.

Bell also must pay court costs plus $935 to Barker’s family, testify should his co-defendants in the Barker attack stand trial, undergo counseling and be reintegrated into the school system, his lawyers said.