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Blogger Perex Hilton… about to get his ass kicked

December 14, 2007

As funny as Perez Hilton is …and how much freedom he has given blogger/journalists like myself-Hilton was about to get his ass kicked by BOBBY BROWN.

Some bloggers don’t care about getting hurt or even worried about walking these streets but this is real peoples lives . I have seen, on numerous occasions, bloggers nearly get their ass kicked and at the end of the day the laugh about it . one day people will learn. celebrities do need to stop being so sensitive but bloggers need to make sure that they have to watch their back.

The computer does not give you a free pass to “hate on someone” . BE CAREFUL

Watch this video …..

Bobby Brown has heart attack

October 10, 2007

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We really should ask ourselves are we even remotely surprised that Mr. Tender Roni-BOBBY BROWN was reported of having a heart attack. According to media there was no disclosed reason but we all know he is a Chain smoking-pill pooping dude.

On the real I hope he gets some help.