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Big Meech(Da Boss) & BMF on trial…..

November 26, 2007

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The leaders of the Black Mafia Family, Terry Flenory, 37, and Demetrius Flenory (AKA Big Meech), 39 both pleaded guilty last week for operating a continuing criminal enterprise and conspiring to launder money. They could face up to 30 years in prison. The brothers agreed to turn over $270 million in drug proceeds.

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In the story in the creative loafing really highlighted how strong the group was/is :

“On that particular night, you couldn’t walk along the club’s lacquered wood floors, you couldn’t lean against its exposed brick walls or grab a seat on its minimalist leather sofas without catching sight of Meech’s guys. Anthony Jones must have known that. Yet Jones, better known to the masses as “Wolf” — and more importantly, as Wolf-Who-Is-P.-Diddy’s-Former-Bodyguard — did something that stood a good chance of starting an all-out war. Wolf got rough with his ex-girlfriend. And she wasn’t just any ex-girlfriend. She was an ex-girlfriend who was hanging out with Meech’s crew.
Even then, the crew was known as a force that shouldn’t be crossed. And that goes double for Meech. He was rumored to have built a powerful empire with skills picked up 20 years earlier on the streets of Detroit. And he was fiercely protective of the “family” that helped him along the way.
Meech stepped in and told Wolf to quit fucking with the woman. Wolf’s next mistake was to ignore the demand. But before Meech had much of a chance to react, club security stepped in, and Wolf was bounced.
Meech and his boys went back to doing what they were known for doing — ingesting an obscene amount of champagne and spending an even more obscene amount of cash. It was only 1:30, after all, and the bar wouldn’t close for another two-and-a-half hours.
Wolf, banished from the cozy confines of the club, stepped into the cool night and made his way toward the parking lot behind the building. He called his friend Riz, whom he’d known since they were kids growing up in the Bronx. And he began to wait.”

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