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January 18, 2008


You would never guess who the new chick on the block is for R.Kelly. In time for the American Idol fans, American Idol reject Trenyce has been said to be R.Kelly’s new chick. I received this from a credible source-One of her classmates from high school forwarded me this information. This seems to be out of R.Kelly league but it damn sure is a better look for his new trail coming up that has been postponed forever. CHECK OUT HER MYSPACE.

More details to come….

Remember us……F*CK AMERICAN IDOL…."I’LL PASS" !!!

January 15, 2008

The 8th season of American Idol starts TONIGHT… Who cares??? Not me! But what I do find interesting is the BRITTENUM TWINS Declined OFFER BY AMERICAN IDOL.

I know you remember these boys from Season 5 American Idol . They were cut by the judges for a past run-in with the law. They were accused of credit card fraud.

They have paid their debt to society and they trying to bounce back with a vengeance.

I received information from a reliable source that the boys [Terrell and Derrell Brittenum]

“We thought long and hard about joining American Idol for season seven. Although it’s a great opportunity, we feel The Brittenum Twins are a group and only one of us can win and if I can’t do it without my brother I don’t think it would be a true win. Also, we have done it before, we know some of the techniques the judges use and don’t want anyone think we have an unfair advantage over the other contestants”, says Terrell.

If your not in Atlanta and you don’t know how big On-Air personality Joyce Little is; Joyce is the fixture for breaking R&B singers and poets. The Twins are joining V103 FM’s Joyce Littel on her spoken word tour which includes dates in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and DC.

Industry heavy weight, DJ Greg Street featured “Magic City” on his mix-tape series, “Sertified”. “I have never in all my 29 years in radio and music seen two people who sing so well.