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Friday Flicks: Keyshia Cole Performs Live

February 22, 2008

what happen to Janet

February 22, 2008

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February 18, 2008

Do you remember Miss Joanne Borgella??

Well of course you do. She was the first Miss F.A.T. Chance. You know the pageant created by comedienne/actress Mo’nique.

Well the girl is in the American Idol 24 and the girl really has a chance to become another winner of a show. She is just killing the reality show craze.


February 18, 2008


Yes it is true and I feel sorry for the die-hard fans of the show “Girlfriends” aka –“The Black Sex in the City” .

Now what are the toe-tapping,head snapping black girls going to watch now. This show some how identified with a lot of black women. I guess Kelsy Grammer , could not hold on to the show any longer.

Some say that when one of the member was cut off the show it was doomed to fail .

What are we going to watch now?

Fighting the Bulge

February 18, 2008


Deelishis is all spread eagle on the new cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine with her new man. Of course we knew the flavor flav thing would not last .

These Flavor of Love rejects kill me trying to turn over a new leaf when their main source of attraction is their large extremities (Breast,*ss, etc) !

The head line reads that she is trying to fight to overcome the but… but what does she expect, I mean seriously???

Trust me, she still trying to get checks off that apple bottom !


February 18, 2008


I guess Ms. Lathan has gotten a lot of brown sugar in her diet because she is getting too hyper in her words. Recently she was quoted saying some ill sh*t about …..wait I’m just going to let you read what she told Page Six.

“I’m very lucky because I’m a working actress. There are a lot of white people who envy me. Who would love to be in my position!”


Jamie Foxx is coming out of the Foxxhole….

February 18, 2008


Video: Kanye -Flashing lights

February 17, 2008

The Boy Kanye always keeps us guessing !

Breaking News: Barry Bonds Tested positive for steroids in 2000—“You Bum”

February 15, 2008


Now this foolish information has come in and it is so much of breaking news it will be all over your radio and your tube in the morening beside your other simple rhetoric about the presidential race of 2008.
But this just in , Home Run Champ Barry Bonds has been revealed by the prosecutor in the case against him.
According to a court document filed Thurday by federal prosecutors in the perjury case against Bonds, it is being said that Bonds can be in a whole lot of heat… (and I’m not talking spring training !)

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Video: Flavor of Love 3- H*e’ Sit down !

February 15, 2008

If you missed it MONDAY, you will probably see it in re-runs this weekend but we have a sneak peek for you ..CHECK IT !
Can you belive we are back with a third installment of this bull. I am sick of strippers and wanna be stars coming on this show walking red carpets. NO No NO , I am not hatin’ just trying to figure out why are the first people to get kick off still walking red carpets… NEW FLASH: You are not a star!!

Never the less this S#$T will be interesting.