More troubles in the R.Kelly case. Some people really want this case to be over but we can all attest that this young lady is getting old and the evidence is getting to be null in void. If you have not remembered it has been nearly 6 years since the alleged sex tape first surfaced.

the prosecutors originally sought to have testimony from one expert witness, Dr. Sharon Cooper, cover several different areas, including the age of the girl on the tape based on forensic pediatrics, the identification of the man on the tape based on the vein pattern on his hands and the behavior profile of the girl based on the psychology of child sex-abuse victims.

Judge Vincent Gaughan had previously ruled that Dr. Cooper could testify about the victim’s age, but not the behavior profile, so prosecutors had asked him to reconsider. At a hearing on Monday, Gaughan ruled once again that Dr. Cooper would not be able to testify about why the girl in the case would deny that she was a victim or how common denial is in sex-abuse cases. Kelly is due back in court March 12 th for another pre-trial hearing.

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