Raz-B says… "GOD BLESS YOU ALL….." WTF


We have it live and direct for you. A few weeks ago if you all have not noticed, Raz-B was accusing manager, producer and well respected business owner for molesting him during the time of B2K.

He mentions several things in his YouTube broadcast about the situation. Furthermore, Raz –B came up missing for a few days (so-called) & and now we have the first interview from Raz-B. In some ways I do feel sorry for Raz-B because he was apart of one of the biggest boy- band today !

Raz-B Fires back Listen HERE….


2 Responses to “Raz-B says… "GOD BLESS YOU ALL….." WTF”

  1. Necole Bitchie Says:

    Just makes me damn mad..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dude has no concept of marketing strategy and brand image protection. I guess he hated Chris Stokes so much for what he did to him that he didn’t learn anything of value concerning how to properly run your business that the man actually had to offer. It’s messed up. Isn’t Ricky Romance a business major? What kind of mess is this? Makes me want to go buy a Marques Houston album.

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