Mary J says "The Hell with my fans"…….


In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Mary J. talks about what it takes to keep her career going . Mary touched on how her fans are becoming fair-weather fans to say the least.

Mary J. Blige reveals she has a love-hate relationship with her fans because they don’t seem to like her when she’s happy, but she doesn’t want to be dark and depressed just to make them happy.

Mary said to the mag……

“When I took the chance to show people I can be happy, I lost a million of my fans. I was like, ‘I’m gonna have to lose y’all in order for us to live, because if I keep going down this dark hole, we’re all gonna die together. I’m gonna slit my wrists or take some pills, and it’s gonna be over.”

And what is so crazy about this situation is Mary is starting to feel like she has to write love songs to keep her clients….. CRAZY ASS SHIT….. ( I know ! )

One Response to “Mary J says "The Hell with my fans"…….”

  1. Blessed Says:

    what I think she should start doing is writing and singing music that makes her feel good,believe and have faith in it and her TRUE fans will fall right into place with her.

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