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Again, you will not see this one on anyone else site, but yes we have been looking for the swirling details of the surprise closing of one of Atlanta’s top swanky boutiques’…”KNITCH”. KNITCH is quartered in the cosmo-chic shopping district of Atlantic Station in midtown Atlanta,Ga.

The details has said that the boutique could not with-stand the tough ‘yo-yo(un & down) economy’; therefore they were forced to closed their doors immediately.

The boutique is famous for the investors that were the face of the boutique (Sho’Nuff Records-Jazzy Pha & Lifestyle specialist Ryan Glover) .

Photobucket Photobucket
Desperately enough, we all feel for the sudden (IMMEDIATE) closing because of the shifty economy that has taken a turn for the worst. We begin to ask ourselves, Can any of these boutiques in Atlanta sustain themselves financially? If the boutiques are not getting robbed they seem to not attract the right patronage (customers)!

Where is the love for the saavy business owner? Has it come to a complete STOP? Has it become non-existent for an upscale boutique in Atlanta to survive? Is Atlanta truly Black Hollywood? I guess Atlanta needs to hold off on those plans for an Atlanta-style RODEO-DRIVE!

2 Responses to “KNITCH BOUTIQUE CLOSED !!!”

  1. chief Says:

    It probably would have helped the store if it were in a better location within Atlantic Station.

  2. Runway Atlanta Says:

    New Boutique in Atlanta!

    Runway Atlanta
    375 Pharr Rd #110
    Atlanta, GA 30305


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