Jay-z…40/40 Club-"Brand Name..I Stand Behind it ,’I Gurantee it !"


The man has created a brand name for him self and it is sustaining the test of time. Apparently, Jay-z had a ball opening up his new 40/40 club in Las Vegas this new Years because he is scheduled to open up 5 more locations across the globe.


Mary J
Vanessa Simmions
Memphis Bleek & Just Blaze
Jay-z & Jeezy
Jay-z & Lebron James
DJ Toomp & Tracey Mourning
Jay-z & Al Sharpton

I guess Jigga-man is not worried about any of the recent woes about him leaving Def Jam because he plans to open locations of his sports club in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, London and Houston. We know some of our Atlanta folks are mad that he is not coming to Atlanta but really is the Atlanta market ready for it. Every time something opens in ATL it gets played out in 2 months. Then all the promoters in Atlanta want a piece of it by that time it is slutted out in less then 6mths. LMAO !

They hope to have all of the opening a smash because the last one drew out stars like; Pauly Shore, Beyonce, Robin Thicke and Al Sharpton were among those in attendance for the celebration.


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