Raz-B brother drops the bomb !!!! More News


Raz-B brother Rickey Romance has come out and said that they want to kill him “They wanted to kill Jesus for what he knew”.
Omarion saying that this is totally not true, and Raz-B need to stop lying on Christ stokes At the end of the day, some one has to pay for the situation. Now if Raz-B brother is telling a lie, then he is telling a great lie. Ricky Romance has stated that he has physically seen some of the things Chris Stokes has done. The interview we point out some key things that will answer some of your question.

But you ask yourself, why are none of them going to the police with this? Why was there an apology right after the statement?? Was this a publicity stunt going on.

Check out the interview with Raz-B brother and figure out for yourself how this story will continue to unfold.

Big shouts to Bossip.com for holding us down with the audio.

103.5 The Bomb in Sacramento California has an extensive interview as well that is keeping the streets talking and Rickey Romance says he has to get a restraining order to even protect his family.

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