Vick sentenced for 23 months….. Will he play football again?

The internet is buzzing after former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been sentence to 23 months(1 Year & 11 months) in prison and 3 years of probation. The commissioner of the NFL is the sole person to make the decision to allow Mickeal Vick to return to football. Vick has been convicted on conspiracy of dog fighting charges.

The legal aspect of the Vick story is that Vick could also serve more time on the back end for STATE charges that have not yet been handed down!

What would NFL commissioner Roger Goodell do? Will he be able to play ball again? Has Vick truly accepted responsibility for his actions?

He has fail marijuana test, he was asked did he physically killed dogs himself and Vick said yes. All these things played a factor in the sentencing of Vick . Legal analyst state that this STATE charge that is hanging over his head really will not affect his prison term.

HE IS REQURIED TO DO 85% of the time!

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