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T.I. Holiday Christmas announcement….

December 28, 2007


December 28, 2007

Now this video has surfaced and now it is out. Listen to this candid convo that Raz-b has with Marques Houston Father and sister. Some how I truly do believe this but the question is why now? Why come out with this now; because the word is that it is not all about money. Raz-B has been around this family for a great deal of time. What else is going to come out because this T.U.G family is a huge family of stars.
Photo Courtsy: YBF

Listen to how Raz-B says his *ss hurts (No Homo) ! This young man is hurt or he has a huge vendetta against their musical movement. Is it is because Raz B and the boys are has beens now?

What does the other member of B2K have to say about this?

Celeb Birthday: Happy Birthday Denzel……Dec. 28th

December 28, 2007


As Denzel celebrates his born day today , you see he can still get outthere and hang with the young folks. Denzel has actually managed to sustain himself through the years and even young folks still like Denzel . This is a for sure sign of greatness.

We want to wish Denzel a Happy -Born Day !

Mary J Blige breaking 4th Quarter record sales…..

December 28, 2007

Even though she has falling behind Josh Groban for the 2nd Place spot on the album charts, we can all confirm that over 700K and counting is not a half bad start. As record sales demise, it is evident that Mary J hasn’t lost a step in her progression. Doing numbers like a bonafide pop star,Mary J and her 700 thousand record sales keeps the party going by leading the pack of 5th place Alicia Keys(Which is not bad herself) . The lonesome Chris Brown has falling to 10th place but the young boy is doing his thing consistently.

Raz-B brother drops the bomb !!!! More News

December 28, 2007


Raz-B brother Rickey Romance has come out and said that they want to kill him “They wanted to kill Jesus for what he knew”.
Omarion saying that this is totally not true, and Raz-B need to stop lying on Christ stokes At the end of the day, some one has to pay for the situation. Now if Raz-B brother is telling a lie, then he is telling a great lie. Ricky Romance has stated that he has physically seen some of the things Chris Stokes has done. The interview we point out some key things that will answer some of your question.

But you ask yourself, why are none of them going to the police with this? Why was there an apology right after the statement?? Was this a publicity stunt going on.

Check out the interview with Raz-B brother and figure out for yourself how this story will continue to unfold.

Big shouts to for holding us down with the audio.

103.5 The Bomb in Sacramento California has an extensive interview as well that is keeping the streets talking and Rickey Romance says he has to get a restraining order to even protect his family.

Ciara say Merry Xmas to her fans w/NEW VIDEO

December 25, 2007

Ciara has made herself one of the most notable pin-ups in the blogger world today. Ciara began her year off with a bang by dating her c\secret lover Bow Wow and also releasing her new album. Ciara has become bloggers magnet. After doing a birthday tour for her birthday it was indeed official that she has taken over the blogging world and making Beyonce last years news.

Tonight at 12 midnight you will be able to view Ciara’s video live right here before anyone else. This is a gift from us to you, our blogging family. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Frank Ski Wine Tasting and Auction

December 24, 2007

Celeb Sighting:EVE on the Radar

December 22, 2007


EVE caught in West Hollywood at the Diabless boutique. It is reported that the”pit-bull in a skirt” spent over $3000 that day at the West Hollywood boutique! We are starting to think that since the blogging world is getting so big that celebrities are starting to call press to come cover them on the streets. WOW ! If this is true, the entire publicty firm will soon have more hits then ever!



Video: Fat Joe ft. J. Holiday – I Won’t Tell

December 22, 2007

Fat Joe has manage to pop another one for the ladies. Him and J Holiday are on this song riding it out in the Miami scene with guest celebrities,P.Diddy,Bow Wow ….The song is poppin. This will be a club banger for the sexy upscale clubs.

Lupe Fiasco is still Coooool !

December 21, 2007

Last year, Lupe Fiasco set himself apart from the rap pack with a debut full of brainy, Kanye-style positivity, including a laid-back skateboarding anthem, ”Kick, Push.” You might wonder what happened to that guy if you’ve read how his follow-up, The Cool, is a concept album about gangsta life. But in truth, only four songs address that story line — thankfully leaving the bulk of this CD to instead indulge in Fiasco’s divergent themes and musical explorations.

Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool
1st & 15th/Atlantic Records

Lupe Fiasco – Sunshine (Live AOL)