Chris Brezzzy sleeping with Manager,Tina Davis of Tina Davis Company …Whewwww!

In the news, there is one of the biggest stories of the urban news industry, Chris Brown and long time manager, Tina Davis is having relations. The story developed with Sandra Rose and has carried out its course in the bloggin world. .

A little knowledge on Tina Davis-She was the Sr. VP of A&R of Def Jam but now she is running the Tina Davis Company, doing a great job.

The word is that Ms. Davis has started this love fling with Chris Brown and does not want this story to get out. Its too late now…. The story is out! Davis, an upper 30 year old woman is romantically involved with the young –tender (NO HOMO) Chris Brown!

Now the middle-aged women is taken over and you young women better stop being arrogant and smelling your shit because the older women are taking the young meat. They are nurturing these young boys and you “INDEPENDENT” women are missing out on good people.

More word on this as the story develops !

Check Out the story over @ VIBE with L.Hobbs


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