Rolling Out announces Top 25 Influential women, Nicole Garner nominated

In a recent article put out by Rolling Out Magazine, they recently named the 25 Top Influential women in the city of Atlanta.

Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle Pr was named one of them .
President and CEO, The Garner Circle >From star-studded boutique openings to glitzy black tie galas, Nicole Garner has been the force behind some of Atlanta’s most exclusive events. Although she’s mostly known for her ability to fill a room with the city’s trendiest sets, Garner initially got her Jimmy Choos wet when she took on one of her most ambitious projects – the Congressional Black Caucus.
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“I was still fairly new,” explains the publicist and CEO of The Garner Circle. “

story credited to Adam Jones

Rolling Out

One Response to “Rolling Out announces Top 25 Influential women, Nicole Garner nominated”

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