T.I. Denied Bail…..$2.2 MiLL in CASH for Bail….OUTRAGEOUS

After all of the news reports, internet blogging rumors and hip hop online ezines, the T.I. story has been the talk of the entertainment industry-with respects to Brittany Spears.

Time has come now that T.I. – I mean T.I.P will have to wait until next week so that the judge can look at all of the information that is being presented to him. Believe it or not , the Judge took alot of time praising T.I. inside the whole court precedings.

Today in Atlanta the judge considered T.I. for release on bail for an outrageous $2.2 Mill amount. With other stipulations including…

**24 Hour Monitor (House Arrest)
**$2.2 Mill in CASH..Yes COLD HARD CASH (IN FULL)
**Mother must turn over any properties in her name.

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**An important note is that needs to be pointed out that the executive of T.I.’s record label is behind him.**

**Executive of Warner Music Group (T.I’s parent Label) offered to put up $1 Mill of the money on the spot -inside the courtroom.


***If convicted, sources say HE WILL DO TIME !!!! ******
Outside the courtroom supporters, family members and even Atlanta Socialites were in attendance to support T.I. minutes before his verdict. Sources tell us that it is going to be hard to even try T.I. in this case because he is from here and he has so many fans and supporters. Jury selection will be tough for the district attorney.

If you don’t recall , T.I.P was arrested Saturday minutes before the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards from the ATF on weapon charges. Machine Guns & Silencers were some of the guns T.I.P was trying to allegedly buy. Mind you , T.I.P is a convicted felony so what this means to people that do not know the laws of the land-when you’re a felon you are not to posses any firearms.

*****If you remember how serious T.I. ways on the Ashton Kucther show “PUNK” a few years ago, T.I. was livid when he thought he was getting illegally searched. *****

We are bringing it to you again as an exclusive that T.I.P will have to wait until next week to get a final say as to his bail .



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