**Exclusive**.::J.T. Money Suspected in Atlanta Nite Club Shootings::.

Atlanta is Buzzing right now not only for the obvious BET HIP Hop awards festivities but last night, Oct. 11, 2007, There was gun fire coming from the popular nite club spot OPERA.

In my duty as a Journalist/Publicist, I need to report the on going discussion in the streets of ATL.

The shooting happened in a Midtown Nite club in ATL formally Eleven-50.

The incident involved Three gun-man-[as far as what the police has said.] The young man shot was Carl Edwards Green II, 29.

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Check Photo for full story @ YoRaps.com

No arrests had been made late Thursday night. Police spokesman Ron Campbell said police were looking for three men who left in a black Hummer — one reported to be a rapper.[Listening to Hot 107.9 A-Team in the morning] there was suggestive accusations as it being Miami native rapper, J.T. MONEY.

WWW.Yoraps.com – Read More
Photo Credit:Phil Gast for first picture

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