Hurricane Chris…..Who???

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I don’t think this one is going to be a classic… let alone a quality album. BUt I can say the streetz is checking for Mr. Ah Bay Bay [Hurricane Chris]

New album titled 51/50 Ratchet due out October 23rd

15 Responses to “Hurricane Chris…..Who???”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think the whole world, let alone the Industry is in for an awakening! This kid has got sum Heat! Ay Bay Bay

  2. Kevon Says:

    That new “Playas Rock ft. Boxie” is a change up from the previous two joints. Good change up. Highly anticipating the album release 51/50 Ratchet Chris Album.

  3. Dizzle Says:

    I have disagree wit the previous comment about the album not being a classic ! This album I think is gonna be a classic. This kid has some serious skills. Can’t wait to hear his album to drop!

  4. Kool Keith Says:

    I have to agree with Kevon on that “Playas Rock w/Boxie” that joint is a twist being not what was released from before. Waiting to hear what he bout’ to drop.

  5. Gavin Says:

    I like what Hurricane’s Bringin. Keep it up! True support. Real talk!

  6. Biz Says:

    This Kid is Hot! Waiting for that Album to drop!

  7. Lamar Says:

    Hurricane Chris is aiight, Wonderin’ what he coming wit on the album? I like what I’m hearing so far. Much continued support!

  8. Chamelot Says:

    Keep making them hitz man! 51/50 Ratchet Chris the album. Waitin’ on that to drop!

  9. Shawn Says:

    A Bay Bay. That joint is wassup. And that “Hand Clap” is cheese….Waitin for the album.

  10. Maino Says:


  11. Casper Says:

    Hurricane Chris is bout’ to put a hurtin on em! He definately is a classic!

  12. Devon Says:

    I heard Hurricane Chris is nominated for 4 BET Hip Hop Awards? That’s a good look! Waitin on that 51/50 Ratchet Chris Album to drop! Ratchet is the movement.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Waitin on that Hurricane Chris album to drop! I just heard a new joint from him called “Playas Rock ft. Boxie” I like that joint.

  14. Reuben Says:

    Hurricane Chris is Killin em! Even the hating Niggas can’t deny him. Don’t front like you ain’t in ya’ll whips n b’ singin’ Ay Bay Bay or frontin wit ya’ll mean grills and see shawty singin’ “Hand Clap”. Or better yet wait til “Playas Rock ft. Boxie ” drop. It’s a wrap!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Classic. (PERIOD).

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