.::Daddy’s[Diddy] House- has a new addition to the family….. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

Daddy’s House is not just the name of Diddy’s publishing/studio company…. It has been reported that Diddy is the father of a 15-month old girl named Chance.
According to
pink hair
diddy is being sued for $19 million[from other hip hop news], but the hip hop mogul is finally coming forward and confirming
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“At first, I wasn’t sure if this was my child,” he said. “Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.”

as you already know-Diddy is the father of twins from Kim Porter -which only was born 10 months ago . I know you wondering how did he do that…..MMMMM!

Diddy has worked out visitation right with mother of Chance …Ms. Sarah Chapman.

As far as the $19 Million-
A former consultant for Sean “Diddy” Combs has filed a $19 million lawsuit against the Hip-Hop mogul, claiming that Combs never paid him for music created by the slain rapper Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.HHDX


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