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October 31, 2007

If you have not already heard the word is out,corporate entities have learned that it is very smart to join forces with strong entertainment fixtures .
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Tech Site-WWW. Boy Genius .com has done what many are trying to do … Bring top heavyweights together.
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Platinum Recording Artist, Fabolous, Performs Alongside Legendary
DJ, DJ Clue? and Hit Producer Just Blaze at the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY !
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When was the last time your phone had , GPS, Bluetooth, Microsoft Direct Push, BlackBerry Connect 4.0, Push-to-talk, … You have to love it because you know the rappers stay on the curve of the new trends.
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Ciara Celebrates her Birthday in Atlanta BIG …and found a New Boyfriend too !

October 29, 2007

We wanted to make sure that you had the opportunity to get through your weekend and get real rested up because the Ciara Birthday Celebration at Velvet Room was “BANANAS.” Some people would disagree with this but we would have question their true ‘Gangsta’.

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Bobby V

The red carpet was out and the lace wigs were flowing, the FREAK’em Dresses were out in full effect and men were salivating as usually as the lines filled with partygoers waiting and anticipating on seeing partying with the fabulous Ciara.

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Buckeey-Flavor of Love

With her celebrity friends and family .. YES ! Ciara’s mother and father came out to join in the festivities with their daughter and we have that exclusive footage of her parents getting down.

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Lil Scrappy

Giving you, the fans what you were hoping for we made sure we was in the midst of it all. We have EXCLUSIVE footage of Ne-Yo singing happy birthday to Ciara. And might I add, Ne-Yo has dispelled all the rumors of his ‘HOMO’ tendencies because rumor has it that this is the new celeb couple. These two were truly enjoying themselves that night but we will soon find out if the two have decided to put out an official statement.

Ciara rolled up in a Bentley Limousine with pearl and navy blue two-tone paint with 22 inch alloyed will and she stepped out looking Uber-Chic and fabulous . Ciara (the media magnet) was her nice polite self to the media and it was then time for the party to begin.

The over all night was grand ! Bottle were poppin and the beat wasn’t stopping on this girls party.

Ciara’s actually blew out the candles in the club which capped off this event very nicely.

A Big thanks to Nicole Garner & Cyrstal Betts. You girl’s did your thing !

T.I. Out on $3Million Dollars Bail**Exclusive**

October 26, 2007

As highly anticipated as the new forth –coming Jay-Z album ‘American Gangster’- The verdict is in, T.I. will be released on bail today Friday, Oct 26, 2007. On the same day as Genarlow Wilson (The infamous 17- Year old boy that was accused of raping a young girl 15-years old.), was released from jail, T.I. has his freedom as well-JUST FOR THE MOMENT.

The Court room was monitored like fort Knox; with standing room only as if you were in a V.I.P line outside the 40/40 Club. You might as well hand out V.I.P passes for this one because this was the talk of the town and we have it for you here.

It would be unfair for us to add our opinion about this case but we have been doing an extensive coverage on this case. We have been interviewing entertainment heavyweights to get their perspective on what they believe this is going to be for the future of Hip-Hop.

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**Today the judge ordered:

1. 3 Million Dollars Bond- ($1Mill-Record Label, $1 Mill in CASH, $1 Mill in Asset).
2. There can’t be any known felons at the house without prior consent-approval.
3. There can’t Be any one at the house except his kids and the girlfriend.
4. There will be a federal agent 24 hours a day in the house to monitor
5. Able to perform his job but only in the house.
6. T.I. and his kids must surrender their PASSPORT.

T.I.’s Lawyers speak out!!!!!!!

Big ups to Rolling Out !

Genarlow Wilson Freeeeee !

October 26, 2007

After years of distress and agony, The Supreme Court of Georgia ordered Friday that Genarlow Wilson be released from prison, ruling that his sentence for a teen sex conviction was cruel and unusual punishment.
I know what some of you are thinking that we have a long way to go for the legal system is at all equal. This is not a race matter, this is simply a case of the judicial system failing the youth.

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He has been in state prison since November 2005 and is currently held at the Al Burruss Correctional Training Facility in Forsyth, Ga.
It wasn’t immediately clear how quickly he will be released.
If you fogot what happen , Wilson had been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted in 2005 of having oral sex with a consenting 15-year-old girl when he was 17.
In a time of social injustice and malice target on the youth, this proves that the judicial system of Georgia ia making strides. But moving two steps backward, GA put in a law in small town GA –“No Sagging Law”. This law is outlandish,outdateed and needs to be overturned by the Supreme Court.
According to CNN, wilson has hope left because the judge reduced the sentence to one year and said Wilson should not be put on Georgia’s sex offender registry, as the old law required.
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Under a now-changed Georgia law, Wilson was convicted of felony aggravated child molestation. Wilson was acquitted on a second charge of raping a 17-year-old girl at the party — who prosecutors maintained was too intoxicated to consent.
Now all we have to do is get the Jena 6 situation together and we can try to address the overwhleming disrespectful racial gestures that have recently been in the news.
Lets continue to make strides toward positivity……..

Mr. Untouchable-The Story of Nicky Barnes

October 26, 2007

“The worst thing they could have done was to name him ‘Mr. Untouchable,’ said Frank James-former member of Nicky Barnes crew The Council.

Some call him a legend, some call him a hero, some call him a snitch and some call him a coward.

Dame Dash may be back in the saddle with this one because, Wednesday night, in Atlanta on a cold rainy night, filled the Phipps plaza AMC movie theater with entertainment industry socialites. Packed wall to wall in a sardine like manor with standing room only was movie goers set to watch the documentary inspired by the Harlem drug addict turned drug king pin Leroy ‘Nicky’ Barnes. This is the true-life story of a junkie turned multimillionaire drug-lord.
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The hour and 32 minute synopsis is a great depiction of what a story that is brought to life can look like. The director, Marc Levin makes what could have been a bad episode of cops a fully cinematic experience.

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The movie is worth taking the time to watch because it can be compared to BET’s American Gangster but it is 10x better.

T.I. facing his time in court !

October 25, 2007

T.I. as you already know are in a bit of a court-room battle and the Hip Hop Community is ready to rally behind him. In a recent talk 50 Cent had with MTV, 50 cent express that there is indeed things that rappers need to watch out for.

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We’re maturing. We got families; we have to take care of them. The streets should be the last of your priorities when you got so many people looking up under you. T.I. is a great friend of mine. I would think he’s more intelligent than that. Actually he is more intelligent than that. I just think he was caught in position in his career where things are moving so fast, you overlook the obvious. With him, when you’re accustomed to getting your way for so long, you don’t look at the negatives of what you may consider to be a positive situation. They literally have a hip-hop police section — enforcement specifically to monitor hip-hop and anything that’s making money urban,” Akon told MTV.

Watch what 50 cent has to say…..


October 24, 2007

Did Weezy say Dip Set?????

Playaz Circle – Duffle Bag Boy (Live BET Hip Hop Awards)
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**Exclusive**Ciara announces birthday tour celebrating her 22nd birthday !!

October 24, 2007

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You have no idea what I thought when I heard that Ciara was coming back to ATL to do this Birthday tour. I figured we would have a chance to talk with Ciara and see what she feels about her turning one year older.
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Ciara will be on a 5 Major City tour. This is so innovative I have to give Ciara her props.
Full Story @

We want to get some feedback on how Ciara feels about Tyra Banks probing about her situation with 50 Cent…..

We all wanted to know but Tyra handled it so wrong.
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Tour Dates include:
10/25 Ciara’s 22nd Birthday/Dinner at private location /NYC
10/26 Birthday Party @ Runway/NYC
10/27 Birthday Party @ H2O Restaurant and Lounge/Washington, DC
10/28 Birthday Party @ Velvet Room/Atlanta
10/29 Birthday Party @ Cameo/Miami
10/30 Birthday Dinner @ Nobu/Bahamas
10/31 Birthday Party/Bahamas

Rolling Out announces Top 25 Influential women, Nicole Garner nominated

October 24, 2007

In a recent article put out by Rolling Out Magazine, they recently named the 25 Top Influential women in the city of Atlanta.

Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle Pr was named one of them .
President and CEO, The Garner Circle >From star-studded boutique openings to glitzy black tie galas, Nicole Garner has been the force behind some of Atlanta’s most exclusive events. Although she’s mostly known for her ability to fill a room with the city’s trendiest sets, Garner initially got her Jimmy Choos wet when she took on one of her most ambitious projects – the Congressional Black Caucus.
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“I was still fairly new,” explains the publicist and CEO of The Garner Circle. “

story credited to Adam Jones

Rolling Out

T.I. Grace the cover of COMPLEX MAGAZINE !!!

October 24, 2007

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Here are some excerpts from his interview in the November issue of Complex Magazine:

Given the strong “stop snitching” credo within hip-hop, what did you think of his [Frank Lucas] cooperating with authorities to shorten his 70-year prison term?
His situation was unique because he didn’t tell on no drug dealers or other criminals. He got his standards shortened by telling on crooked cops.
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Is there a character in American Gangster you would parallel to your days in the trap?
I can’t even compare myself back in that day simply because it was a whole other day and age. When I was doin’ it, it was chaos. Real talk, it was easier then, too. Not taking nothing away from them ’cause they started it, but the police wasn’t hip to everything. By the time I started hustling, the police had cameras, the Internet, and forensics. [Back then] you could kill a ***** at six o’clock in the morning on his doorstep and long as nobody seen you, you good. Now you got cameras on street lights. I feel like if I was a hustler back then, I’d have a way better shot at it. People actually respected the game. Whereas when I was a hustler, a ***** would do anything for a dollar. Period.
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Have you seen [Ludacris’s manager] Chaka Zulu since you had an altercation with him back in June?
I’ve seen him, but I didn’t speak to him. That situation was whatever. If you come out your face and say something, then you can expect me to go off. You should watch your mouth. I think my manager spoke to him. I got a great life and wonderful children, and I do intend to be here to guide them for the rest of their lives, and that’s what’s most important to me. Maybe when I was 18 or 19 runnin’ the streets and shootin’ pistols, but I’m not gonna blow that for one of these cats who don’t happen to live by the same principles as me.
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You’re the only rapper to drop platinum albums the last two years. How can you say you don’t fit in?
When I saw Tupac talking that “Thug Life” shit, getting locked up for shooting police, and getting shot and living, that’s when I was like, Damn, them ****** is really about that shit. Now you’re just let down. This ain’t this guy that he was on this record. And nobody seems to have a problem with it. It’s a lot of fake shit in it. I like to consider myself an intelligent person, and this shit is not something of intelligence anymore. It’s getting real young and stupid, and that ain’t me.
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Watch the T.I. Video Shoot here