J. Holiday Live Rooftop Performance -NEw Single SUFFOCATE

Rom the success of his Single “Bed”, the ladies have been swarmingaround this new young heart-throb. We have now got the exclusive single ready to drop out the box called “SUFFOCATE’
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The self-proclaimed Prince of D.C. has found his way into Americas living room……wait I mean bedrooms by the success of his single and dashing looks.
Back of My ‘Lac (IN STORES OCTOBER 2nd)

<a style=”font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);” href=”http://capi001.edgeboss.net/wmedia/capi001/jholiday/backofmylac/audio/jholiday_suffocate.asx?artistid=urbannewmedia
” target=”_blank”>SUFFOCATE-New Single-Listen Here

This young dude has the talent to the next huge RnB success in the industry.

Watch it here as: J. Holiday performs his hit single ‘Bed’ after an accapella rendition of 12-Play


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