Thousands rally to support ‘Jena 6’

Usually we would not like to fill your inbox on different issues that are coming up on a daily. We would like to send you information all at once weekly or bi-weekly.

Due to the major news with the Jena 6, We would like to offer you coverage thought the day. We are dedicated to being glued to the media outlets and some of our reporters down in Jena,La.

How ever you may feel about this issue. We hope that you respect the coverage of us uncovering the details. We all hope that if this was White students of Black students that you will have the same sentiments about this case. Several universities, business, actors, politicians and radio Disc Jockey have taking action in utter support of this case.

As told to “My Urban Report”, there has been little to no coverage of Jena 6 in California.


Thousands rally to support ‘Jena 6’


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