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Lil Wayne n Baby Grace the cover of XXL

July 18, 2007

I know I have been gone for a few days but the fews events that I have gone to like the Polow Da Don Event here in ATL, was wack and all the blogs are talking about the same thing. We pride ourselves on trying to give you the exclusive and the new new….

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More and more i begin to see these two together it leads me to believe thoughts of uncertainty… NO HOMO The have graced the cover of XXL and are showing a unusual love for each other. If you can think back to several months ago, the cameras caught the two kissing in the mouth. What is this relationship that the two have?

***Exclusive**** Remy Ma Suspected for Murder

July 15, 2007

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In the midst of her album coming out and the blasphemic controversial picture , She is at it again. Remy Ma is out at large suspected for murder. A detailed account said they seen Remy Ma fleeing from the scene ….. we will have further updates as they develop.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Remy Smith, had been sought for questioning in the shooting of a 23-year-old woman early Saturday after a verbal dispute near a bar in the Meatpacking District. She reported to police Saturday evening and was also arrested on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

Is this a Publicity stunt to keep her in the lime light for her new album or is Remy Ma that Gangsta?

We got the streetz iz talking !

The rapper’s manager said Saturday that she could not talk and referred calls to Remy Ma’s attorney, who was with the rapper as she reported to police.

“I ask everyone to keep an open mind,” attorney Scott Leemon said. “Things are not always as they seem.”

He said an arraignment would be likely be held on Sunday.
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A 911 call reporting gunfire led police to a woman with a gunshot wound. Three blocks away, officers discovered a luxury SUV owned by Remy Ma; the vehicle had been involved in a single-car crash and abandoned, police said.

The victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, was in stable condition at a hospital.

Sasha Tcherekoff, owner of the Pizza Bar, said a review of security videotape taken inside his nightspot showed the rapper and her friends having a good time before they exited.

“The police have indicated to us that the altercation happened a block away,” the owner said. “The security tapes determined there was no physical or verbal altercation while they were in the Pizza Bar.”


.::Friday Flicks::.Ja Rule f/ Lil Wayne -Keyshia Cole;Jeezy;J-Holiday

July 13, 2007

We brought you the news about Lil Wayne and Ja Rule busting out with the new single. Check out the Making of the new video right here…….

I know you all have seen the Missy and Keyshia Cole joint… enjoy the new video……

I know this is R&B but this is thehottest song that in the streetz and we love to hear what the streetz is talking bout… check out J.Holiday in his video debut “BED”.

.::T-Pain on Late Night talk show::.

July 13, 2007

What in the hell happen to T-Pain on this performance. Now we all know that he can sing…. I mean have a computer but the dude actually should not have done this performance …. it was a bad look for him.. below you will see what i am talking about..

I am not the one to talk but we got to keep this hip hop culture to a level of perfection….

take a look….

***EXCLUSIVE*** Correct Information About the Suicide of KRS-One’s Step-son

July 13, 2007

Over the past few days there has been question about the validity of the information received about late passing of KRS-ONE step son. The family is not release an official statement and the readers of has the ***EXCLUSIVE***

After a long battle with depression, Randy Hubbard Parker, son of Simone G. Parker was found dead in his Atlanta apartment this past weekend. The Fulton County Atlanta Medical Center lists the cause of death as a suicide. Simone G. Parker, wife of Rap legend KRS-One sites “severe depression” as the motivating cause for Randy’s sudden death. He was 23.
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Randy Parker was born at Elmhurst hospital in Queens New York, July 18th 1983. Randy, a graphic designer and fashion entrepreneur, was seeking employment in the Atlanta area of Georgia. A private memorial service will be held in Florida on July 18, 2007 (Randy’s 24th Birthday). Plans for an August memorial service in New York are underway. Krist and Simone Parker sends their sincere appreciation to everyone who has already responded to the tragic news. For condolences, flowers and prayers contact Shane Lynch at

Stack Bundle Murder Caught

July 13, 2007

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Lee Woods, was arrested for the murder of Byrd Gang rapper, Stack Bundles

::Newbie’s in the Game:: Tanya Morgan

July 13, 2007

The have taken the world by storm with the prodigious name and peculiar way of rhyming but the have step up to the plate and has been getting major press for what the have going on right now . they are Tanya Morgan. No this is not a typo but it is unusually name for a rap group
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Tanya Morgan is comprised of east coast mc/producer Von Pea and the Midwestern duo Ilwil (donwill+ilyas) we consider ourselves as a hip hop supergroup of sorts because we both had a foothold in the game prior to becoming a group and also plan on doing work apart from the group as our original entities.

*******************CLUTCH MAGAZINE INTERVIEW*********************

Clutch: What is your vision of Hip-hop in the future?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Hip-hop in the future will be like hip-hop in the past. Its always been the same, its just where are you lookin to get it. Its not on the radio, its not on the tv.. well its there if you lookin for the coopted version. But you know it’s the same thing as it was 10 years ago. I guess in the future we are gonna see a wider range of age demographics being represented when they figure out that market. Hip hop is not that old so we haven’t made it to the point were we could have a U2 or an Elton john or beetles of hip-hop. But its coming…

Clutch: I know that you all have individual projects that you are working on, but can we expect from Tanya Morgan in the future?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Well aside from Ilwil’s BEAT THIEVES 2, right now we are working on the sophomore lp ‘BROOKLYNATI’ which we plan on dropping in late 2008. I know that seems like a long time but I feel like a lot of artists don’t give there albums room to breathe you know? We are releasing a project prior to that probably in early 08/late 07 that we are calling ‘BRIDGE TO BROOKLYNATI’ that will consist of a lot of songs we perform but you cant formally purchase together, so we are packaging them together. That and we are hitting the road with Zion I and Blu+Exile for a pretty extensive national tour.

Clutch: What unique qualities do each of you bring to the table that makes Tanya Morgan the movement it is now?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: Well if I had to peg a trait to each member id say this:
Von Pea: he of course brings the beats and a lot of the lyrical wit. Me and him do a lot of the art direction for the group. He is the music nut in the group, id say he is the backpacker if I had to generalize.
Ilyas: he is just flat out a lyrical monster and he also does a lot with our stage show and how that comes together. He is extreme artist in the group, he is knows no bounds and can do any style of music he chooses very well.
Donwill: I am like the ground wire, the glue. I deal a lot with song structure, concepts and art direction. Im labeled as the hater, I don’t give a lot of stuff a chance and I go a lot on first impressions. And I listen to a lot of commercial radio stuff lol.

Clutch: How did your affiliation with come about?

Don Will of Tanya Morgan: I was introduced the site in 99 by a friend of mines and since then I just never left. Von pea has been there since the beginning also. I was drawn to it because of the level of interaction that is fostered there amongst artists and their fans. Its just a place we always hang out at our affiliation is just as posters for the most part. We are always there just coolin out and shootin the shit postin up random nonsense or discussing music.


**Street Report** Louis Vuitton Event fitted for a "King" – T.I.

July 12, 2007

T.I.,Frank Ski,Young Jezzy,Coach K,Big Boi,Concrete,Sho nuff Records,Ryan Kenny family (Ryan Glover-Kenny Burns) and many more graced the halls of Lenox square mall at the Louis Vuitton event. This invite only event brought out the most classiest of individuals.
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Pictured-Guest(Celebrity artist),PJ-Editor of, Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle Pr

…..And we are bringing you the “Street Report”

Look who we party with at…. We in da streetz !!

.::Street Heat::. Torae

July 12, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDaily Conversation with Torae
Interview By: Mz.Entertainment

In many hoods, this same conversation is brought up on a daily, “When will Real Hip-Hop come back?” Due to the overly saturated state of mediocre emcees and their rhymes, Hip-Hop hasn’t been the same and the fans are longing for substance. The fed up Hip-Hoppers turn to the Indie artists for ill lyrics, addictive hooks and head-nodding beats so allow me to introduce you to an emcee with the complete package to takeover the game. Up early and in the booth by sunrise, Coney Island Brooklynite Torae has the grind like no other. The Young Veteran has performed at a sold out Nassau Coliseum in New York with familiar names like the Clipse, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Stimuli and countless others. Staying true to the Underground, Torae has performed in many New York venues from Galapagos in Williamsburg Brooklyn to Blu Lounge in Staten Island. Linking up with legendary producer DJ Premier is only right for the man with an endless grind. “Get It Done”/ B-Side “Click” 12” vinyl featuring Skyzoo on both Premo tracks has been getting massive spins on New York’s # 1 Hip-Hop Station Hot 97. Real Hip-Hop is coming back slowly but surely, I ran into Torae at the Meet the Producers (MTP) Beat Battle in Newark, NJ as he performed with Skyzoo and discussed his upcoming mixtape “Daily Conversation”, his Canadian Tour and much more.

Mz.Ent: Hey Torae!! Thank you for coming out to the beat battle and for this interview. I appreciate it. Tell the people what you’re currently working on, just in case they don’t know.
Torae: I’m just happy to be here and working hard. Glad that everybody is appreciating what I’m doing. I got the 12” out with me, Skyzoo and DJ Premier. It’s doing real well on Fatbeats Records. It’s titled “Get It Done” with the B-Side “Click” both are heating up the radios. It’s doing well in sales especially for vinyl since it’s hard to sell. The last I heard, it sold out its last shipment and they’re ready to sell some more so that’s a blessing. Other than that, I got “Daily Conversation” dropping in early August that will be distributed through Fatbeats Records at many locations from NY, LA to overseas. I got 13 new joints with production by 9th Wonder, Premo, Khyrsis, Black Milk, Marco Polo and new kid Eric G out of Seattle. So that’s what I’m working on now. Actually it’s pretty much done, it’s done with the recording and it’s mixing now so it should definitely be out in early August.
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So how did you hook up Premo and Skyzoo for “Get It Done” and “Click” that’s getting well received on Hot 97 and other stations?
It kind of happened in two different ways, Skyzoo and I had mutual friends who knew Premo and Prem was familiar with our work like with myself and the Coalesence and of course Skyzoo with his mixtapes and especially “Cloud 9”. Prem had expressed interest in working with us and kinda thought it was farfetched or a dream but then I saw Prem at one of my shows and he was like “I want to work with you.” The same with Sky, then one day we got the email saying, “Yo, come to the studio Premo wants to work.” It wasn’t as simple as it sounds but it kind of happened that easily.

I know people call you “The Young Vet” and you’ve been in the game for awhile and worked with some of the best. How come you’re not signed right now?
Initially early on in my career I was chasing the major label record deal and all that but I kind of moved away from that. I’m in my zone right now doing the Independent thing. It enables me to record when I want and make the songs that I want. So the major record label is not really aim anymore. Initially I was caught up with labels. I came in the game working with dudes like DJ Clark Kent, I was on the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour in the late 90s and right now you can catch me on the new Sean Price project, DJ Babu’s new album, 9th Wonder’s new album, Chaundon’s new album, of course the home team Skyzoo we’re always working together. I’ve just been working. My group the Coalesence is grinding. I’m trying to put out that good quality music. As far as being signed, I’m not going to say it’s the decision I made to not have a record deal but I know all the hoops and circles you have to go through to try to make that happen. I’m not willing to compromise too much of my creativity so if the major deal thing happens they’ll most likely end up coming to me due to the noise I’m making.

What do think about Hip-Hop now with the mainstream and underground on two different levels?
I think Hip-Hop is in a good state as far as how it enables people to get out of the struggle and being able to provide for themselves. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry right now. The sales are slacking a little bit due to illegal downloading. I definitely think it’s a responsibility for the artist to put out quality music and when they do produce that quality music it’s up to the fans to purchase it. I know it works both ways. There’s a lot of BS on the radio and it’s really one-sided. It’s not that the music is bad or good but there’s no balance. There’s a real lack in balance in the mainstream as far as radio, video outlets so you only get to see one side of a story so people get fed up with that and they don’t support certain acts like they used to do. For the dudes who are making different types of music they’re not getting the light they deserve so people might not know they’re project is out. I know somebody who once said, “If you want to hear good music then turn off the radio.” Money got involved, corporation got involved and companies became more interested in selling songs than selling albums. They want the big hit record, the 10,000 spins a week record but not really care about the development of the act. So I think that’s the problem with Hip-Hop and why the sells are down and why some have lost interest. So like I always say anything that’s worth checking, you have to search for it and anything that’s worth having, you have to work hard for it. There’s a lot of good music out there, you just have to search for it.

So what are you listening to right now?
Right now, Pharoah Monch album just dropped so I’m loving that and Marco Polo’s new joint is hot. I’m still bumping that “Cloud 9” and that Black Milk album is dope. My man’s Sean Price’s album is crazy too. I listen to “The Best of Luther Vandross”, Pattie LaBelle, I listen to everything. I just put my Ipod on shuffle and let it take me somewhere.

Let the people know about your tour coming up.
I’m going out on tour on July 18th with Master Ace, Marco Polo, Wordsworth, Punchline, Stricklin, Mr. Attic and Mos. We’re doing 15 dates in Canada so I’ll be out there until like the end of August. We’re hittin Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto and a few other spots that I can’t pronounce. I’m looking forward to that. So Canadian fans check out the tour dates on my myspace page,


T.I. first week Sales

July 12, 2007

Yea, Yea, Yea I knoe you sick of T.I but you got to respect the man … He get the job done man. He did some impressive numbers this week…. Over 460,000 his first week out the gate.
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WIth the new movie coming out with Denzel Washington, the boy gettin money.