.::Pimp C says F*ck the SOUTH::.

Yes the word is in… Pimp C [1/2 member of houston rap group UGK] says f*ck the south… Now I know you scratching your heads and saying to your self… damn Houston is on the south why would he say this?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No one really knows why he is saying this but this come off of a number of great things happens for Pimp C and not to mention one of the hottest songs in the country is with a southern rap group [song: international players anthem]

Pimp C said the Atlanta music scene is not crunk. He states that Atlanta stole their style from 3 6 Mafia in Memphis. He said F*uck Young Jeezy! Now if you recall. Jezzy was one of the bigger advocates in helping Bun B get Pimp C out of jail.
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I want to know how my man ….David Banner feels about this….. We know Banner has not been seen for a while but you have to be honest David Banner was ridin for Pimp C to get out of jail.

Bun B Rallied for the entire South to help Pimp C out of jail

T.I. gave much homage to the UGK family… even did a remake of their song….

You dis Jeezy
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Where does all of this leave Bun B. This leaves Bun B in a state of confusion. We hope they can sit down and talk about this because this goes deeper then the musc industry. These boys are the streetz they just may be black men that are apart of a family that assemble as an extreme mafia.

…..Da streetz iz talking

Listen Here what PIMP C has to say….


One Response to “.::Pimp C says F*ck the SOUTH::.”

  1. Ced(TX) Says:

    Yall have your info all twisted up! That was not what was said. I listened to the entire 20min interview, and Pimp C did not say fuck the south or fuck Young Jeezy! What he did say was that ATL wasn’t the south, because of all the beefin. He also called out some faggitism goin on there ha ha. “Neo lookin like he ate a porkchop sandwhich with no hands” HA. Now that was funny. Get your shit straight!

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