Ramona DeBreaux’s Out of Radio……For now?

No sooner the Porshia Foxx, comes back on air at Atlanta #1 station Vee 103, There has been a total shake-up in radio. Mid-day host on Vee 103 competitor Ramona DeBreaux has been ousted from Hot 107 in Atlanta.
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Sources says that the ratings of the show was horrible. If you had a chance to look at the show you would think that a beautiful women like DeBreaux would have more personality then she does.

She moved up the ranks very fast at the station and when she finally gets there she is booted [Hmmmm ?] Sometimes we cant explain the behavior or these corporate entities but it is for sure that DeBreaux would not be able to compete with Porshia Foxx.

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So what next for the mid-day Diva? [Good question] we will keep you updated but sources say that she is putting out an album…. We will be on the look out for that one for sure!….


3 Responses to “Ramona DeBreaux’s Out of Radio……For now?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That’s hilarious. Moved up quickly? You obviously dont know her. You should check her resume and ratings. She’s been around the world and is a scholar. If Hot should’ve ousted anyone, it should be those who DO NOT have the respect of the community.

    She got her ratings without BILLBOARDS or programming support. If you’re trying to tear down a sister, this is the wrong one.

    She’s a young educated business and homeowner who helps those in need. And she can’t compete? Educate yourself before you post.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    well ratings speak for itself in the end.in all honesty, she and her show was always bland.U cant be a radio personality without personality.That she lacked!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ramona is a good looking girl but face it she really did not have what it took to be a real personality.. she is a sweet girl. I even love her hand bags but that has nothing to do with her being good at her job.

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