***Exclusive***Gucci Mane Apologizes……

Yesss, You heard right Gucci Mane apologizes. It must have been going through the city like wild fire. I think I put a fire up under some peoples asses. Today on HOT 107.9 A-Team Morning show, (shouts out to Griff 2 trillion and Rashaan ali) Gucci tried to set the record straight.
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“I apologize for what happen man, someone from my label leaked this out” the question was ask does he have any Beef with T.I. and he said no.

He supposedly said that he did the song because he thought that T.I. was coming for him on a song on his new album.

Gucci if you have not forgot but T.I.P did like 460,000 thousand in record sales today and he does not need you to hype his name.

This is a bad case of Gucci , not respecting the G-Code. You should have too this to the Grand Hustle camp….

And besides Gucci, You were talking big boy shit…… Let’s not do that until you have the fact- because you can’t recant statements when you talk about someone’s family.

You can’t attack that dudes MANHOOD-NO HOMO

Gucci says he not trying to go run on a track with T.I. but he will try to talk to him. He also went on to say that


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